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Ten minste 11 dood, dozens trapped in Russian mining accident

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Ten minste 11 people died in an accident at a coal mine in Russia's Siberia on Thursday, plaaslike owerhede gesê, as emergency workers tried to rescue dozens more miners who were still trapped deep underground. Coal du...

Coal mine fire in Russia’s Siberia kills 11, dozens trapped

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The blaze took place in the Kemerovo region in southwestern Siberia. Russia's state Tass news agency reported, citing an unnamed emergency official, that coal dust caught fire, and that smoke quickly filled the mine ...

Rescuers work to reach up to 275 people trapped on a British Columbia highway after hammering rain

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Rescuers in British Columbia are working to reach up to 275 people who have been trapped on a highway as the result of two mudslides, according to CNN Canada news partner CBC News. Tot by 50 of those trapped on Highw...

Biden now blames longshoremen, has trapped himself in a ‘greenbox as inflation spikes: ‘Die Vyf’

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Host Kennedy pointed to a clip of the president claiming part of the problem with the stalled ship traffic at ports is "longshoremen don't always get along with the business folks there" – further predicting that if ...

‘I was trapped’: Shipping giant investigates alleged rape of 19-year-old during federal training program

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International shipping giant Maersk has suspended five crew members and launched an investigation in the wake of an explosive blog post from a student at a federal service academy who said she was raped in 2019 on o...

Smiling alligator ‘photobombsFlorida officer while trapped in sewer drain

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Normaalweg, finding an alligator trapped on a residential street would result in a very serious response. In een geval, egter, police officers responding to a situation in Florida took advantage of a rare opportun...

Hannity torches Biden’s push to turn the page on Afghanistan crisis as Americans, allies remain trapped

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"Joe Biden, he now claims that he is officially turned the page on Afghanistan, neem, Ek dink, a victory lap," Het Hannity gesê. "What an insulting thing to say. He's not lifting a finger to help our fellow Americans ...

San Diego-egpaar wat in Afghanistan vasgekeer is en terugkeer na die VSA ná weke van Taliban-teistering, sê Darrell Issa

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"Dit is 'n rede vir feesviering en die resultaat van byna ontelbare ure se werk onder baie moeilike omstandighede," Issa het gesê in die vrystelling wat op sy webwerf geplaas is. "Ons span wou eenvoudig nie moed opgee nie, en vandag is dit goed...

Ancient spider caring for her offspring is trapped in 99 million-year-old amber

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Skryf in vir die nuusnuusbrief van CNN se Wonder Theory -wetenskap. Verken die heelal met nuus oor fassinerende ontdekkings, wetenskaplike vooruitgang en meer. Nothing gets between a fiercely protective mother spider and her chil...

Charlie Sheen reageer nadat die 17-jarige dogter beweer het dat sy 'vasgekeer' was’ in 'beledigend'’ huis toe

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Sami Sheen, 17, beweer sy was "vasgevang" in 'n "beledigend" 'n bietjie meer as 'n jaar gelede in 'n TikTok wat sedertdien verwyder is, volgens Bladsy Ses. "1 jaar gelede vandag: vasgevang in 'n beledigende huishouding, myself gehaat, sou ...

Bear gets trapped in car, destroys interior

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials released images of a car that had been destroyed after a bear became stuck inside the vehicle. According to the images, the bear was not gentle with the car’s interior components...

ABC en CBS se nagtelike nuusuitsendings slaan weereens oor wat Amerikaners dek wat in Afghanistan vasgevang is

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Volgens Grabien-transkripsies, en die eerste keer deur NewsBusters gerapporteer, ABC het verkies om verslag te doen oor wat sou gebeur met die Afghaanse vlugtelinge wat reeds ontruim is, maar het geen melding gemaak van die Amerikaners wat in die land agtergebly het nie..

Retired Green Beret warns Americans, Afghan allies will be trapped behind enemy lines within hours

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MARINES POST PHOTO OF DIGNIFIED TRANSFER OF FALLEN SERVICE MEMBERS KILLED IN KABUL SCOTT MANN: The Pineapple volunteers – these are all special ops volunteers and civilian supporters. We're doing this remote. We're d...

Afghan allies trapped behind Taliban lines turn to prayers and unofficial channels as Aug. 31 deadline nears

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And with special immigrant visa applicants cut off from escape by Taliban checkpoints, retired Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Rogers told Fox News Tuesday that non-government organizations have been working through unofficia...

Afghan translator trapped in Kabul describes a ‘ghost cityas thousands flee

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That includes translator Faridoon Hazeen. Fox News has been tracking his progress or lack of it. He’s been turned away from the airport. He’s in hiding because the Taliban has raided his home as well as getting many ...

Biden admin quickly processes migrants at border but can’t do the same with trapped Afghan interpreters

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The White House announced last month that it will speed up asylum claim processing for migrants at the southern border, claiming in a release that they are seeking to "regverdig, orderly and humane" immigration system aft...

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