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A young Indian woman died when her hair became trapped in a go-kart wheel

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New Delhi A 21-year-old woman has died in southern India after her hair got caught in the wheel of a go-kart she was driving, police in the city of Meerpet, Telangana state, aan CNN gesê. The accident took place on Wedne...

Driejarige meisie het daarna lewendig gered 65 ure vasgevang onder puin in die aardbewing in Turkye

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Istanbul, Turkye 'n Driejarige meisie is lewendig gered uit 'n plat gebou in Izmir, Turkye, ná Vrydag se sterk aardbewing, volgens die Turkse staatsnuusagentskap Anadolu. Die kind, hier ...

Redders veg om 5-jarige seun te bereik wat in Indië in 'n put van 200 voet vasgekeer is

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Amptenare van Nieu-Delhi in die sentrale Madhya Pradesh-staat in Indië werk om 'n vyfjarige seun te red wat in 'n put van 200 voet geval het. Die voorval het Woensdagoggend in die dorp Barahbujurg in die Niwadi-distrik plaasgevind..

Workers trapped in gold mine for more than a week send note to rescuers

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Twelve miners trapped underground for more than a week in a Chinese gold mine have managed to get a note to rescuers, state media reported Monday. The Xinhua news agency reports that the note confirmed 12 of the min...

Rescue operation to free miners trapped underground for nearly 2 weeks could take another 15 dae

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Chinese officials say it could day 15 days to drill through 70 tons of debris to reach miners trapped underground for nearly two weeks after an explosion at a gold mine in eastern China. Twenty-two miners were left...

77-year-old woman rescued after being trapped inside her van for four days after winter storm

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Firefighters in Newark, New Jersey, on Thursday rescued a 77-year-old woman who said she had been trapped inside her van for at least four days during this week's winter storm. The woman was identified by CNN affil...

Buddhist monk rescued from flooded cave after being trapped for days

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Thai rescue workers said on Wednesday they had freed a Buddhist monk trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand's Phitsanulok province, after he went inside days ago to meditate. The monk, identified by a local rescu...

21 Chinese miners trapped by underground flood in Xinjiang coal mine

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Eight miners have been rescued and 21 remain trapped in a coal mine that flooded in northwest China's Xinjiang region, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday, citing a local emergency department. A part...

21 Chinese coal miners trapped by underground flood

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The mine in Hutubi County in the Xinjiang region flooded at about 6:10 nm. op Saterdag, the Xinhua News Agency said. It said eight people were rescued. China's coal mines are among the world's deadliest, regularly...

Die polisie in Georgia red bewustelose vrou wat vasgevang is in 'n brandende motor, video wys

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Sewe beamptes by die Savannah-polisiekantoor het gereageer op die toneel van 'n ongeluk by 11:45 nm. Maandag en waargeneem vlamme spuit uit die kap van 'n 1998 Lincoln Town-motor, het die departement gesê. PHOENIX POLICE SAV ...

Houston smuggling operation: Five of 97 people found trapped in a home test positive for COVID

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The positive tests came after officers asked health officials to test the captives for coronavirus infections after some of them complained of possible COVID-19 symptoms, including fever and loss of smell and taste, ...

Great horned owl travels hundreds of miles trapped in truck’s grille

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The owl became lodged in the pick-up truck's front grille after the bird flew across the road and collided with the vehicle, according to a Facebook post shared last week by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. "Dit ...

Virginia deputy single-handedly lifts overturned car to free trapped woman

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In a body camera recording that the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office shared Tuesday on Facebook, Deputy Jon Holt can be heard pulling over in his patrol vehicle and telling dispatch that the car is "flipped upside ...

Miles Teller jumped by 2 men after being ‘trappedin bathroom on Hawaii vacation, his wife claims

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Keleigh Sperry Teller, 28, took to her Instagram Story on Friday night claiming the "Whiplash" actor was "jumped by 2 men we have never met after they trapped him in a bathroom." She did not share what injuries, if a...

Grenspatrollie red tientalle migrante wat in die woestyn van Arizona verloor is, vasgevang in spoorwaens in Texas

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Agente in Arizona se Yuma-sektor het 'n totaal van 10 roep om hulp en gered altesaam 25 vakke, baie van hulle was bloot verlore in die Sonoran-woestyn, Amerikaanse. Doeane en Grensbeskerming het in 'n nuusverklaring gesê..

California man climbs inside farm equipment, gets trapped for 2 dae

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The unidentified man was found after the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office in Santa Rosa received a complaint earlier in the morning of a suspicious vehicle parked on private property in the city, oor 60 miles north o...

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