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Country singer Craig Morgan urges veterans, troops to ‘be proudthis Memorial Day

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As the nation honors America's fallen on Memorial Day, Morgan — a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division — encouraged all military personnel to "be proud" of their service. "Be proud," he said in ...

Grand Ole Opry honra al ejército de EE. UU. en el evento Salute the Troops antes del Día de los Caídos

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Grand Ole Opry de Nashville invitó a los héroes de Estados Unidos a unirse a su espectáculo en vivo en reconocimiento al personal militar, pasado y presente. Las actuaciones provinieron de favoritos del país como Cam, Riley verde, La Guerra y T...

Army nears 100% vacunación, claims only 1% refusal among troops

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The active forces have recorded a 97% completion of vaccination regimen, with that number to hit 98% after additional troops complete their current booster regimen. The Pentagon in Aug. 2021 issued a vaccine mandate...

Biden set to wrap up South Korean leg of his first Asia trip as President with visit to US troops

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Seoul President Joe Biden will conclude a visit to South Korea on Sunday visiting with some of the nearly 30,000 American service members stationed here. The Americans deployed on the Korean Peninsula have long acted...

US likely to keep 100,000 troops in Europe for foreseeable future in face of Russian threat, US officials say

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The US is expected to keep 100,000 troops stationed in Europe for the foreseeable future unless Russia escalates and threatens Sweden and Finland or NATO members, according to multiple US officials. The numbers cou...

Russian troops use rape as ‘an instrument of war’ El presidente ucraniano Zelenskyy evitó, rights groups allege

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Lviv, Ukraine When Russian troops invaded Ukraine and began closing in on its capital, El candidato republicano al Congreso con vínculos de décadas con Ucrania dice que Biden es demasiado débil para cortar a Rusia "de rodillas", Andrii Dereko begged his 22-year-old stepdaughter Karina Yershova to leave the suburb where she lived. But Yershova insiste...

Russian troops dug trenches in Chernobyl’s highly radioactive ‘red forest

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Workers at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster, have warned for weeks that Russian troops were kicking up clouds of radioactive dust after driving armored vehicles through a...

Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank gun battle

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Israeli media said four members of a police counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli police were wounded, one of them seriously. The troops came under fire as they attempted to arrest suspected militants in the northern...

Rusia, Luego de una reunión en la capital ucraniana de Kiev a principios de este mes, Luego de una reunión en la capital ucraniana de Kiev a principios de este mes’

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El negociador ucraniano David Arakhamia dijo el domingo que Rusia y Ucrania acordaron una videollamada para mantener negociaciones en persona esta semana en Turquía., [object Window]. [object Window].

Sri Lanka sends troops to fuel stations amid worsening economic crisis

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Sri Lanka posted soldiers at hundreds of state-run gas stations on Tuesday to help distribute fuel after a sudden rise in prices of key commodities and accompanying shortages forced tens of thousands of people to que...

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Chernobyl staff held hostage by Russian troops for weeks rotated: IAEA

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Ukrainian officials informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that many of the staff who were forced to stay at the Chernobyl plant as Russian forces seized the facility have been allowed to return home. ...

Ukraine mayor abducted by Russian troops released from captivity, los funcionarios dicen

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The news that Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov was no longer in Russian hands was announced by Andriy Yermak, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine. "Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov has been released from R...

Ukraine detains ‘hackeraccused of aiding Russian troops amid broader struggle to secure communications

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Ukrainian authorities have detained a "hacker" who was allegedly helping the Russian military send instructions via mobile phone networks to its troops, Ukraine's SBU security service said Tuesday. El sospechoso, OMS...

Primero en CNN: Damage to Snake Island, where Ukrainian troops defiantly rejected surrender, seen in satellite photo

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The first clear satellite image has emerged of Snake Island, where Ukrainian defenders famously responded to the threat of Russian invasion with the words: "buque de guerra ruso, go f*** yourself." La imagen, taken on Su...

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