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Georgia man arrested after allegedly drilling hole in U-Haul truck to steal fuel, sê die polisie

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Die verdagte, Jesse Smith, 25, managed to collect just five gallons of fuel, and his actions caused a massive gasoline spill in Griffin, Georgië, polisie gesê. Firefighters worked in the rain through Wednesday aftern...

Toetsrit: Die 2022 Rivian R1T electric pickup is a game-changing truck

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Answer: None of them will go down in history as the American brand that put the first mass-market electric pickup into production. (Rivian) That distinction will now and forever belong to startup au...

Kanye West drove a Ukrainian truck in McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial

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That's the question that was going through many minds as the rapper rolled up to a drive-thru in what look like some sort of military machine during McDonald's Super Bowl commercial and uttered the spot's catch phase...

1 persoon is dood nadat 'n vragmotor voetgangers tydens 'n parade in Florida raakgery het

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Twee voetgangers tydens 'n Pride-parade naby Miami is Saterdag deur 'n vragmotor getref, die een is dood en die ander beseer, volgens die polisie. "Albei mans is na die Broward Health Medical Center geneem, waar een uitgespreek is ...

New Jersey truck driver Edward Durr defeats state Senate president, longtime Dem

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Durr took the election over the longest-serving legislative leader in state history and current New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney, 'n demokraat. The underdog candidate captured national attention when it was re...

Mets star Pete Alonso says he is thankful to be alive after his truck was hit and flipped several times

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New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso expressed his thankfulness to be alive after he said he survived a rollover vehicle accident in Tampa, Florida, op Sondag. Alonso told reporters Monday he was driving his pic...

Kalifornië vragmotorbestuurder stop hoëspoed-polisiejaagtog met moordverdagte

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Ahmed Shabaan het gesê hy was in sy groot-tuig-vragmotor in die Pomona-omgewing, oos van Los Angeles, Dinsdagaand toe hy gehoor het van die polisie-jaagtog -- en dat dit 'n moordverdagte betrek het -- en besluit om te help deur te blokkeer...

Toetsrit: Die 2022 Nissan Frontier proves an old truck can learn new tricks

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The compact pickup wears a fully-redesigned body on an updated version of the frame that's been carrying the model around since 2004 and is powered by an engine introduced last year. Soos dit blyk, out these aren't...

Washington staatspolisie ontdek dooie liggaam binne gesteelde vragmotor

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'n Beampte by die Tacoma-polisiedepartement het die 2016 Ford F-150, wat as gesteel aangemeld is op Des. 19, geparkeer op North D Street naby North Stadium Way 9:15 vm., het die polisie in 'n nuusverklaring gesê. PH...

Florida man burglarizing home rushed out with truck, sword, skootrekenaar, but leaves behind phone

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Daemeion Grady was arrested last Tuesday and charged with armed burglary, motorkaping, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substances, methamphetamine and crack cocaine with intent to sell. FLORIDA MAN RESCU...

California city says possible fatalities after plane crashes into homes and delivery truck

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There are possible fatalities after a twin-engine plane crashed Monday afternoon into two homes and also struck a delivery truck, according to the California city of Santee's Twitter feed. "It is unknown at this tim...

Pennsylvania police cruiser windshield shattered by tire that flies off pickup truck in stunning video

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The officers were parked in the median lane on the 1300 block of Zion Road in Spring Township, Pennsylvania, when the tire came off a pickup truck, hit the dividing lane, and smashed into the windshield.

Boston-area man plows stolen truck into house, guns down 2 people before being shot dead by police

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According to Massachusetts State Police, a male suspect, wie se naam nie bekend gemaak is nie, had stolen a plumbing and draining company's truck before plowing it into the side of a building on the corner of Shirley and...

Armored truck scatters cash on San Diego freeway

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Money rained down on a San Diego freeway Friday morning, when one of the doors of an armored truck popped open and bags holding cash fell out. The resulting scramble by drivers to scoop up the bills completely shut ...

Toetsrit: Die 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland is the monster truck of minivans

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Die 2022 Sienna Woodland is the first minivan intentionally with some modicum of off-road capability in mind. You might even call it a monster minivan. Might. Die $ 46,640 Woodland comes with the Sienna’s hybrid all...

Ree Drummond says husband Ladd, nephew Caleb are ‘healingone month after truck collision

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Die "Pioniervrou" shared a positive update on her magazine's Instagram account on Wednesday night. "Ladd and Caleb are healing up after their accident on the ranch. ❤️," a caption underneath a photo of her husband,...

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