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Die 30 most bizarre lines from Donald Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity

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Out of office and having shut down his revolutionary communications site blog, former President Donald Trump has lost much of his ability to drive the daily national political conversation. But he still has a teleph...

The one thing we know for sure about Donald Trump’s Department of Justice

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Within the last week, we've learned that the Trump Department of Justice sought data from Apple in 2018 on a) several House Intelligence Committee Democrats as well as their families and staff members and b) Trump's...

Man arrested for allegedly impersonating Trump’s family in fundraising scheme

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A man from central Pennsylvania was arrested Tuesday for allegedly impersonating former President Donald Trump's family members on social media to raise money for a fake political organization he used to defraud don...

Donald Trump’s blog lasted for almost 3 Scaramuccis

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What a magical run! Vir 29 dae, ex-President Donald Trump revolutionized digital communication with -- checks notes -- a blog where he occasionally would post his, er, thoughts about the news of the day. That rev...

Deroy Murdock: Joe Biden and a tragic tale of 3 pipelines – Trump’s hard-won energy independence is gone

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After reading this tale of three pipelines, an unhappy ending will be hard to avoid. Eerste, op Januarie 20, Biden’s initial afternoon as president, he ditched the Trump-approved Keystone XL pipeline. Sommige 11,000 high-...

Paul Ryan to enter GOP’s civil war by criticizing Trump’s hold on party

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Washington Former House Speaker Paul Ryan is set to criticize former President Donald Trump and his hold on the Republican Party during a speech Thursday night, according to excerpts obtained by CNN. Ryan, a critic o...

Trump’s hold on GOP remains as he teases Texas AG endorsement

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As Donald Trump seeks to remain a kingmaker in Republican politics, the former President teased an upcoming endorsement in an important statewide race in Texas. In a new statement to CNN on Tuesday, Trump said he wi...

Die nuutste teken van Donald Trump se houvas op die GOP

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'N Oorgrote meerderheid van die Republikeine is steeds besig met die voormalige president Donald Trump -- en 'n nuwe peiling van CBS / YouGov onthul hoe diep die obsessie binne die party gaan. Om mee te begin, stemming het getoon dat GOPers die R. wil hê..

Washington Post spends week trashing Trump’s Abraham Accords as Israel-Gaza conflict escalates

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In the final months of 2020, the Trump administration brokered a historic peace agreement between Israel and several Arab nations that paved the way for normalized relations. The nations that struck deals with the Je...

CNN is obsessief oor die grasperk van die Withuis op Trump op die tuisblad, begrawe Biden se teleurstellende werkverslag

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Die April-werkverslag wat Vrydag bekend gemaak is, het die land geskok, wat net gesien het 266,000 werksgeleenthede geskep en 'n toename in werkloosheid nadat ekonome ongeveer verwag het 1 miljoen werksgeleenthede te skep te midde van die land se ekonomiese r ...

‘Not who we are as a country’: Elise Stefanik once harshly blasted Trump’s rhetoric and policies

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New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, one of former President Donald Trump's loudest defenders in Congress, once harshly attacked Trump over both his rhetoric and policies, claiming that she'd be an "independent voice." Ste...

‘Not an easy transition’: Inside Trump’s unconventional first months out of office

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Palm Beach, Florida Most Mondays and Tuesdays, former President Donald Trump skips golf to confer with aides about the week ahead. Together they decide which Republican candidates he will meet with at his office --...

100 days into presidency, Biden’s immigration executive actions triple Trump’s, analysis finds

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Vanaf Dinsdag, Biden had taken 94 executive actions related to immigration while Trump had taken fewer than 30 such actions at the same point in his presidency. 100 DAYS INTO BIDEN'S 'UNITY' AGENDA, AOC PRAISES PRESI...

Trump se poging om verlies te keer, word 2022 GOP lakmoestoets in belangrike Senaatswedrenne

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Voormalige goewerneur van Noord-Carolina. Pat McCrory erken die werklikheid in 2020: voormalige president Donald Trump verloor. Hy het toe verduidelik waarom -- en het beswaar gemaak teen Trump se ongegronde poging in die Kongres om die verkiesing te keer. Nou a ...

Pence hits Dems over border crisis, touts Trump’s success stemming illegal immigration

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‘The catastrophe now unfolding at our border is a direct result of progressive policies and pronouncements emanating from Democrats in Washington,’ Pence wrote in an op-ed for The Daily Signal. "But Democrats can end...

With Trump’s backing, Walker freezes Senate GOP field in Georgia

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Former President Donald Trump's backing of football great Herschel Walker to run for the Georgia Senate seat has been enough to effectively freeze the GOP field in place -- even though some Republicans privately wor...

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