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Democrat Doug Jones loses Alabama Senate seat to Republican Tommy Tuberville

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Sen demócrata. Doug Jones of Alabama has been defeated in his reelection bid by Republican opponent Tommy Tuberville, flipping the Senate seat in the deeply conservative state from blue to red. Jones had widely be...

Tommy Tuberville, meet the Constitution. Constitución, Su. Tuberville.

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Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville has an idea about how to make next week's inauguration as safe as possible: Just move it to a few weeks later! "We probably could have had a swearing-in and inauguration later after we ...

Su. Tuberville calls out ‘disappointing partisan slantin military training materials

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Tuberville said the materials, designed to educate the ranks about extremism, exhibit a "disappointing partisan slant" by implying only "certain political thoughts are welcome." "Por ejemplo, the Navy’s training deck...

NFL Draft prospects should avoid talking politics, former Auburn coach Sen. Tommy Tuberville says

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The former Auburn Tigers football coach told TMZ Sports on Wednesday this week that while it’s "multa" for everyone to have their own opinions, athletes should stick to what they know best. NFL DRAFT 2021: THREE PROSP...

Tuberville criticizes women’s right’s groups for not defending Title IX following Lia Thomaschampionship win

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Debate around whether transgender women should be allowed to compete against biological females escalated in recent months as Lia Thomas excelled in collegiate swimming. The University of Pennsylvania swimmer, who co...

Su. Tuberville calls for end to travel mask mandates: ‘The left wants control

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MOST AMERICANS DON'T WANT MASK MANDATES TO RETURN - BUT DEMOCRATS DO, POLLS SHOW TOMMY TUBERVILLE: We're supposed to be a free country. We have rights here. We have rights to make decisions on our own and the people ...

Tuberville excited for USFL’s start, offers advice to players looking for shot at the pros

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The USFL will start Saturday night with the Birmingham Stallions taking on the New Jersey Generals. It will be the first game of the league’s spring season. Each game will be played in Birmingham at Protective Stadiu...