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Tunnel to Towers marks Fox News’ 25th anniversary by paying 50 mortgages for heroes’ familias

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"I thought it was fitting to announce it on [Fox News’ 25th anniversary] that we are delivering 50 mortgage-free homes today," said Siller. Families of 20 police officers, 12 bomberos, six U.S. Ejército, three U.S. NORTE...

Fox Corp. announces $1M donation to Tunnel to Towers in support of first responders, military heroes

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The donation will support injured first responders, military heroes and their families. Tunnel to Towers CEO Frank Siller, brother of the fallen 9/11 héroe, Unido "El cinco" Saturday to remember Stephen's sacrifice. ...

Palestinian prisoners escape from Israeli prison, apparently through a tunnel

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Jerusalem Israeli authorities are hunting for six Palestinian militants who broke out of prison, apparently through a tunnel, sometime early Monday morning. The men escaped from Gilboa prison, which lies between the ...

Border officials discover drug-trafficking tunnel running from Mexico into California

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Homeland Security Investigations, a sub-division of ICE, discovered the 183-foot long tunnel in Mexicali, Baja California, alrededor 22 feet underground near the international border. Working with Mexican authorities, H ...

Septiembre. 11: Tunnel to Towers CEO to walk 500 miles to honor the fallen on 20th anniversary

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Este año, Frank Siller will make the Never Forget Walk, in which he will visit the site where lives were lost due to the attacks. TUNNEL TO TOWERS ANNOUNCES CEREMONY TO MEMORATE SERVICE MEMBERS WHO DIED IN WAR ON T...

Australia immigration detainees dig tunnel in failed escape plot

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Brisbane, Australia Detainees at an immigration center in Australia spent five months digging an escape tunnel hidden beneath a chest of drawers in one of their rooms, a source within the country's immigration syste...

Mets’ Dominic Smith calls out Phillies pitcher after incident: ‘He can meet me in the tunnel

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Herrero, who finished the 2-1 loss against the Phillies 1-for-4 to drop his batting average to .206, took exception to Alvarado’s intensity and yelling after being struck out. Smith yelled back and the two players spar...

Tunnel to Towers ayuda a la familia de un oficial caído de la policía de Nueva York a pagar la hipoteca

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El hermano del veterano oficial de policía de Nueva York de 14 años dijo que cuando descubrió la devastadora noticia de su cuñada, expresó su preocupación sobre cómo iba a pagar su nueva casa. Tsakos le aseguró que t ...

Illinois homeowner discovers underground tunnel older than his house under his property

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An Illinois man recently discovered a large, manmade tunnel hidden underneath his house. According to experts, the structure dates back to the 1800s and possibly played a significant part in history. Gary Machens, O ...