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Tunnels for Towers Foundation honors FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott for work with veterans, eerste reageer

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Tunnel to Towers CEO Frank Siller’s foundation was started in honor of all the lives lost and the heroic sacrifices that were made on September 11, 2001. Promising to "do good and never forget," the foundation’s In t...

Vandals defaced tunnels near Idaho’s Anne Frank memorial with anti-Semitic graffiti, including swastikas, sê die polisie

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As millions of Jewish people across the country celebrate Hanukkah, police say vandals painted anti-Semitic messages and symbols in tunnels near Idaho's Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial on Friday. Law enforcement of...

Jack Keane: Hamas leadership, underground tunnels sustained ‘significant damagefrom Israeli strikes

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LEEF OPDATE: ISRAEL APPROVES CEASE-FIRE AGREEMENT WITH HAMAS JACK KEANE: I believe Prime Minister Netanyahu, from the outset, when he got this fuselage of an unprovoked attack on the Israeli people he made up his mi...

Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive

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Israel has said it will press on for now with its attacks against Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza, and the United States signaled it would not pressure the two sides for a cease-fire even as President Joe B...