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Hannity: Build Back Better turned into ‘settle for less and shut your mouth’

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KELLYANNE CONWAY SAYS AMERICAN WILL BE THINKING OF BIDEN EVERY TIME THEY PAY FOR GAS SEAN HANNITY: We begin tonight, aunque, with Biden's war and your ability to live your life without going bankrupt. Ahora, between in...

Excontratista negro de Tesla rechazado $15 premio de un millón en demanda por acoso racial, probablemente establecer una nueva prueba

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Un ex trabajador contratado negro en Fremont de Tesla, California, fábrica rechazó la oferta de un juez de un pago reducido de $ 15 millones en daños, preparando así el escenario para un posible nuevo juicio de su caso.. tesla...

tony siragusa, Super Bowl winner turned fun-loving sideline reporter, muere a la edad 55

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tony siragusa, a key part of the Baltimore Ravens' Super Bowl winning team in 2001, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning, according to a statement from the team. The team announcement didn't list a cause or place of...

Carol Swain: Wokeness has destroyed American colleges, turned them into ‘indoctrination centers

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"That is chilling in the sense that the universities have been destroyed. The university is over. The university is not a marketplace for ideas. It is an indoctrination center," Swain told "zorro & Amigos." "Y ...

China’s bank run victims planned to protest. Then their Covid health codes turned red

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Liu, a 39-year-old tech worker in Beijing, arrived in the central city of Zhengzhou on Sunday with all the boxes ticked to travel under China's stringent Covid restrictions. He had tested negative for Covid-19 the d...

'Em. Marvelis the 1st-generation teen turned superhero you’ll want to root for this weekend

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Una versión de esta historia apareció en Pop Life Chronicles., Boletín semanal de entretenimiento de CNN. Para tenerlo en tu bandeja de entrada, Regístrate gratis aquí. If you could have any superpower, which would you choose? For mine, I...

Tiger Woods turned down ‘mind-blowingly enormousoffer to play in LIV Golf, Greg Norman says

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Greg Norman, the commissioner of LIV Golf and CEO of LIV Golf Investments, told the Washington Post on Monday that Woods turned down the offer. Woods in the past has said he will continue to play in the PGA Tour. CLI ...

DaVonte’ Neal, former Arizona DB turned assistant coach, arrested for first-degree murder

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En mayo 25, police located Neal at his apartment in the 100 block of South Union Pacific Avenue in Pocatello, Indiana. They pulled over the assistant coach after he departed the complex, as reported by the Idaho State...

El rapero indio convertido en político Sidhu Moose Wala es asesinado a tiros

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La policía busca a los asesinos del destacado rapero indio convertido en político Sidhu Moose Wala, a quien asaltantes no identificados le dispararon mientras conducía cerca de su casa en el distrito de Mansa, en el estado indio de Punjab..

Biden’s failed immigration policies turned every state into a border state

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What has changed over the last two years? En 2020, we had a president who worked to secure our border and shield American citizens from drug traffickers trying to smuggle illicit substances into our country. Ahora, nosotros ...

Laurie ‘BambiBembenek, a Playboy bunny turned cop accused of murder, explored in podcast: ‘I was amazed

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NETFLIX DOC ON MARILYN MONROE MAKES SURPRISING 'REVELATIONS' ABOUT HER FINAL HOURS: 'I WANTED TO KNOW MORE' "Correr, Bambi, Correr" is produced by Campside Media with executive producers Vanessa Grigoriadis, Mark...

Judge rules Fusion GPS emails turned over in Durham probe cannot be viewed by jurors as trial looms

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The opposition research firm Fusion GPS withheld dozens of emails from Durham and claimed they were protected under attorney-client privilege and "work-product" privilegio. HILLARY CLINTON-HIRED OPPO RESEARCH FIRM MUS...

Mark Meadows: Joe Biden has been turned into a progressive left leaning president

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MARK MEADOWS: I think probably the biggest thing that the American people are looking at right now is the progressive left and moderate Joe Biden has been turned into a progressive left leaning president. And it's af...

Russian ships carrying stolen Ukrainian grain turned away from Mediterranean portsbut not all of them

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A Russian merchant ship loaded with grain stolen in Ukraine has been turned away from at least one Mediterranean port and is now in the Syrian port of Latakia, according to shipping sources and Ukrainian officials. ...

A $34.99 Goodwill purchase turned out to be an ancient Roman bust that’s nearly 2,000 años

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A $ 34.99 purchase got one Texas woman an unexpected piece of art from ancient Roman times. Back in August 2018, Laura Young was shopping in an Austin-area Goodwill when she stumbled upon a 52-pound marble bust. "I...

Former police chief turned GOP candidate rips NYC Mayor Adams, Dems over crime surge: ‘Take back our streets

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NYC MAYOR ERIC ADAMS WEARS ‘END GUN VIOLENCE’ TUX TO MET GALA 2022 NOSOTROS. congressional candidate La'Ron Singletary slammed the left, urging Democrats to "take back our streets" en "zorro & Amigos primero." as bloodsh...

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