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Bill and Melinda Gates started as workplace romance that turned into 27 結婚年数

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In a joint statement on Monday, the couple said the reason for their fissure is simple: "we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in the next phase of our lives." "Over the last 27 年, we have raised ...

Cowboys fans beat up each other as things turned ugly in Dallas

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The chaos inside AT&T led to at least one incident in the parking lot where a male was kicked and punched by fans before police jumped into the fray to save the guy from a further beatdown. 詳細については、ここをクリックしてください。.

Scranton, ペンシルベニア, honors famous ‘scrappy kidturned President-elect

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As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to move into the White House, his hometown honored him Friday just steps from his childhood home. "This morning I had the opportunity to join U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Marywood...

Remaining animals at ‘Tiger Kingzoo to be turned over to Justice Department

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KXII in Oklahoma reports that "タイガーキング" star Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren agreed to turn over the 61 remaining animals to the DOJ. According to the local report, the federal agency filed a notice on Friday confir...

'到来 2 アメリカ’ リック・ロスになりました’ Zamunda宮殿へのジョージア邸宅

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観客がエディ・マーフィのプリンス・アキームを見るとき, Zamundaの架空のアフリカの国の王子, 彼の巨大な宮殿に住んでいる, 彼らはおそらくそれが実際にアトランタであることに気付かないでしょう, rに属するジョージアの家。.

博士. Oz dishes on Pa. Senate bid: ‘Values under attack,’ COVID response turned into ‘authoritarianism

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オズ, who went to grade school in President Biden's hometown of Wilmington, の。, and who has lived for many years in New Jersey before moving back to Pennsylvania last year, announced earlier Tuesday he will seek to r...

An attempted robbery at a Wells Fargo has turned into a hostage situation in Minnesota

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There is an active hostage situation stemming from an attempted bank robbery at a Wells Fargo in St. 雲, ミネソタ, according to the bank and law enforcement officials. St. Cloud officers were called to the bank ...

A teacher who turned his home into a PPE factory during the pandemic was honored with a new car

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もっと刺激を与えたい, ポジティブなニュース? The GoodStuffにサインアップする, 人生の善のためのニュースレター. 毎週土曜日の朝に受信トレイが明るくなります. When health care workers were running out of personal protec...


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"Fox Newsは、昨年9月以来達成できなかったことを実現しました。: 他のケーブルニュースネットワークと放送を打ち負かす、ライブ視聴者のプライムタイムの総合優勝," TheWrapのLindseyEllefsonは次のように書いています. 確かに, フォックスニュー...

白い福音派’ 共和党の支配はそれを抵抗の党に変えました

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明らかな理由で, ジョー・バイデン大統領はコロナウイルスのパンデミックを彼の最初の立法上の優先事項にしました. 世論調査は彼に対する幅広い国民の支持を示しています $ 1.9 兆救済計画. しかし、それは共和党に翻訳されませんでした。.

「ホワイトロータス’ スタージェニファークーリッジは体重増加のためにほとんど役割を断った

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60歳の女優は、彼女が身に着けた後にカメラにいることに緊張していたことを認めました 30 または 40 ポンド. パンデミック中. "COVID中に食べ過ぎたので、そんなに太ったカメラに乗りたくありませんでした," C.。.

タイタンズ’ A.J. Brown says Julio Jones turned down his No. 11 ジャージー: ‘He wouldn’t take it

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茶色, who pushed the Titans hard to bring Jones to Tennessee, announced on Twitter that he was willing to give up his number for a player that he idolized while growing up. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "#...

How one Republican governor turned her state’s failing coronavirus strategy into a national platform

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Kristi Noem may be the governor of South Dakota, but she sure is spending a lot of time out of the state in recent months. Noem was in Texas last Wednesday to deliver a speech at an event honoring veterans and then,...

McCarthy says Biden is leaving US hostages for the Taliban: ‘He turned his back on our own citizens

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"The president's misguided decisions run the risk of creating the largest international hostage situation we've ever faced as a nation," マッカーシー, R-Calif。, said at Capitol news conference on Wednesday. Biden has fa...

この不可欠な労働者は、ゴールデングローブ賞を獲得する必要がありました. そう, 彼女は彼女の眩しさを作るのを助けるためにFacebookコミュニティに目を向けました

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今年のゴールデングローブ賞に招待されたある重要な労働者は、質問に新しい意味を与えました, "誰を着ていますか?" アンナバーガー, 選ばれた数の最前線のワーの中にいたデルタ航空の客室乗務員。.

Kellyanne Conway on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Independents have really turned against Joe Biden

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BIDEN'S APPROVAL RATING ON CRIME TANKS AMID RISE IN SMASH-AND-GRAB ROBBERIES KELLYANNE CONWAY: [民主党] don’t seem to understand the error of their ways. They are out of sync with what most Americans are saying ab...

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