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Al Franken tweets Liz Cheney endorsement, jokes it will ‘carry weightwith Wyoming Republicans

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"I’ve decided to endorse @RepLizCheney for the Republican nomination for the House seat In Wyoming it’s my first time endorsing in a GOP primary," the former senator tweeted. "But I think Al Franken’s support will ca...

The Hill tweets GOP hoping to ‘stealHispanic vote from Democrats, faces Twitter backlash: ‘Racist garbage

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The news site published an article titled "GOP basks in growing Latino outreach success" detailing midterm election campaigning. "Republicans are actively courting Hispanic voters in key competitive House districts, ...

DeSantis blocks state money for Tampa Bay Rays training facility after team tweets against gun violence

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked state funding for a new Tampa Bay Rays training facility partly because the baseball team spoke out against gun violence in the wake of back-to-back gun-related massacres in Uvalde,...

PA GOP Senate candidate addresses past tweets, says ‘Democrats have their own issues’

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"People ask me all the time. Are you afraid to run against Fetterman? And my response is generally, as long as I'm not running while Black," Barnette said in an appearance on "È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano" "And many of your list...

Greg Gutfeld: Karine Jean-Pierre’s tweets matter

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Even more if you're a Democrat and you're about to become White House press secretary, something tells me you'll get a pass on this. Karine Jean Pierre. Sounds like the goalie for the Montreal Canadiens. Is that a r...

Grizzlies star Ja Morant tweets ‘broke the code’ in apparent shot at Warriors, before deleting

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Morant was forced to exit Saturday’s Game 3 loss with a knee injury, apparently suffered after Warriors guard Jordan Poole grabbed the knee while reaching for a loose ball. It’s hard to know if the play was an accid...

Il presidente del Brasile si scaglia contro Leonardo DiCaprio dopo che l'attore ha twittato sulla protezione della foresta pluviale amazzonica

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Il presidente brasiliano Jair Bolsonaro si è scagliato contro Leonardo DiCaprio, dicendo che sarebbe meglio per l'attore "tieni la bocca chiusa" dopo aver parlato dell'importanza ambientale dell'Amazzonia. La pioggia...

Tweets from ‘disinformation czarreveal history of dubious claims on COVID, Hunter Biden and Russia

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President Biden’s pick to head the board, Nina Jankowicz, has already ruffled some feathers after it was discovered that the Wilson Center global fellow and author had previously pushed information later found to be ...

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Ayanna Pressley tweets, [object Window], support for Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

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Yet Pressley appears to have deleted the tweet mere minutes later. After Rock made a joke about a sequel to "G.I. Jane," apparently referring to Pinkett Smith's bald head, Smith reportedly rushed on stage, slapped Ro...

Saint Peter’s coach Shaheen Holloway tweets inspirational passage before Elite Eight game: ‘Stay the course

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The passage with the title "Stay the course" mentions Chris Beard’s quote about making sure his team didn’t change anything about their routine even while they weren’t having success on the basketball court. CLICCA H ...

Harris’ new press secretary deleted over 10,000 tweets before taking job

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Di mercoledì, Fox News confirmed that Harris tapped Kirsten Allen, her former deputy national press secretary during the 2020 Democratic primary race and current national press secretary for coronavirus response at t...

Ashton Kutcher tweets support for Ukraine, home country of wife Mila Kunis

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Celebrities and political figures have been voicing support for Ukraine since Russia invaded this week. Now comes another famous face with a personal connection to the besieged nation, actor Ashton Kutcher. "I stand...

Hillary Clinton 2016 tweets show campaign pushing now-debunked Trump-Russia claims

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Just a day after Fox News first reported that Special Counsel John Durham alleged that lawyers from her campaign had paid to "infiltrate" servers belonging to Trump Tower, and later the White House, in order to estab...

Incoming Georgetown Law director on leave after tweets about Biden’s Supreme Court plan

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The incoming executive director for Georgetown University's Center for the Constitution has been placed on administrative leave after social media comments made last week questioning President Joe Biden's intentions...