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Self-identified Antifa members arrive in Twin Cities area as Brooklyn Center protests continue

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Correspondent Mike Tobin joined "L'angolo di Ingraham" to give the latest from the scene where throngs of protesters and law enforcement faced off following the reportedly accidental shooting death of Daunte Wright, 20...

Nick Cannon expecting twin boys with Abby De La Rosa

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Actor and TV presenter Nick Cannon is preparing to welcome his second set of twins into the world. DJ Abby De La Rosa announced on Sunday that she and "Il cantante mascherato" ospite -- who already shares 9-year-old twin...

‘Twin Peaksactor Walter Olkewicz dead at 72

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Olkewicz's son, screenwriter Zac Olkewicz, confirmed he died on Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles, Calif. to The Hollywood Reporter. Olkewicz suffered health issues for the last two decades. He underwent multiple kn...

New Toyota GR 86 sports car revealed as Subaru twin

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First introduced as the Scion FR-S in 2012, the entry-level sports car has soldiered on for nearly a decade, but is finally getting refreshed this year. Toyota has taken the wraps off of the new model in Japan, dove...

Almeno 13 killed as twin suicide bombings rock Baghdad

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Twin suicide bombs rocked a busy market in central Baghdad on Thursday morning, uccidendo almeno 13 persone, a security official told CNN. Security forces say they pursued the two attackers before they blew themselv...

‘The Blacklistand ‘Twin Peaksactor Clark Middleton dies at 63

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Actor, director and producer Clark Middleton has died, his wife Elissa confirmed in social media posts on Monday. È stato 63. Middleton died on Sunday from West Nile Virus, his wife said in a statement obtained by Va...