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The media’s new anti-Biden twist: Democrats are jockeying to challenge him

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Now the argument is morphing into a claim that if Biden continues to insist on a reelection bid, he’ll be challenged by one or more dissident Democrats. There is a parallel media crusade to depict Donald Trump as hem...

‘Night Skyimagines the life of that sweet older couple next door with a sci-fi twist

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You know that pleasant older couple across the street, who mostly keep to themselves? What if they had a portal to another planet in their backyard? That's the out-there premise of "Night Sky," an Amazon series that...

Brouers’ Christian Yelich ties MLB record with 3rd cycle, comes with interesting twist

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Yelich tripled during a six-run ninth-inning rally to put the finishing touches on the cycle. He doubled in the first, hit a three-run homer in the third and singled in the fifth. Milwaukee would lose to the Cincinna...

Opinie: Rebound after taking Paxlovid is the latest twist in the Covid-19 puzzle

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Kent Sepkowitz is a physician and infectious disease expert at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is sy eie. Sien meer mening oor CNN. The Covid-19 pandemic ...

UFC 274 title fight takes shocking twist as Charles Oliveira misses weight, stripped of belt

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The two were set to square off for the lightweight title, but Oliveira, a 32-year-old Brazilian, missed weight by a half pound and was stripped of his title. He came in at 155.5 pond. Gaethje weighed in at 155 vir ...

Filippyne’ Duterte verlaat senaatras in nuwe verkiesingswending

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Manila, Filippyne Filippynse president Rodrigo Duterte het Dinsdag sy bod om 'n senator te word teruggetrek, dieselfde dag het sy voorkeuropvolger die presidensiële wedloop verlaat, dra by tot onsekerheid oor die kwiklood..

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlifecalls back to the original while adding a teenage twist

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In a directorial father-son baton pass from Ivan Reitman to Jason Reitman ("In die lug"), "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is undeniably nostalgic and fairly sweet, while who-ya-gonna-calling directly back to the 1984 O ...

Hierdie snickerdoodle-pampoentertresep is 'n 'lekker' kinkel op die klassieke herfsnagereg

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Die "Snickerdoodle Pampoenpastei" van Suider-kosblog Quiche My Grits gee 'n kaneeldraai op die klassieke vakansienagereg. GEBRAAIDE APPELBRAAI VIR HERFS: PROBEER DIE RESEP Volgens blogskepper Debi Morgan se plasing...

Na die beursgang van Robinhood, draai na sakemodel kan kom

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‘The Blacklistbids farewell to star Megan Boone with another irritating twist

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Die volgende bevat spoilers oor "The Blacklist" eighth-season finale. If you became impatient with "The Blacklist" and stopped watching it, after the eighth-season finale -- which wrote out the character of El...

New York City’s chaotic mayoral campaign is jolted by a late twist

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The race to become New York City's 110th mayor began in a pandemic-enforced bubble, with the campaign playing out in drab Zoom forums, on social media and through the press, where email statements took the place of ...

MacCallum druk terug op die voormalige Obama-amptenaar wat die Biden-grensbeleid verdedig: Boodskappe 'soos 'n krakeling’

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Tafuri, who is a former State Department official, told host Martha MacCallum that there is no inconsistency in the messaging from people like Harris, who came under fire once again from critics over her job performa...

'Meester van Geen’ return date set at Netflixwith a twist

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"Meester van Geen," the acclaimed Aziz Ansari-led Netflix comedy, is returning for Season 3 -- but it's unclear how much Aziz Ansari will appear at all. Netflix on Monday unveiled the first look at the new season, wh ...

Electric ‘Chevrolet Camaro’ will have a twist

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It hasn't offered any details on one, but it's safe to assume that it is because the automaker has pledged to go all-electric by 2035. It has also released a teaser animation showing off the flexibility of the Ultium...

‘American Idol’ comeback twist sparks controversy as viewers claim it ‘ruined’ seisoen: ‘Completely unfair

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Die "comeback" episode saw 10 former contestants who were unable to perform on the show's main stage in 2020 due to coronavirus limitations were brought back on Monday for a chance to snag a spot in this season's top...

‘The Irregularsspins out Sherlock Holmessidekicks with an ‘X-Filestwist

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There have been so many variations on Sherlock Holmes that the idea of another -- especially built around teenagers -- didn't provoke much enthusiasm going in. Maar "The Irregulars" proves unexpectedly fun, in what a...

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