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‘The Irregularsspins out Sherlock Holmessidekicks with an ‘X-Filestwist

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There have been so many variations on Sherlock Holmes that the idea of another -- especially built around teenagers -- didn't provoke much enthusiasm going in. Ma "The Irregulars" proves unexpectedly fun, in what a...

Il raro Halloween Blue Moon ha richiesto un tocco di colazione da Denny

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In onore del raro Halloween Blue Moon di sabato, I ristoranti di Denny a Miami offrono un panino di un colore diverso. La catena di ristoranti serve il suo panino per la colazione Moons Over My Hammy con un twi ...

‘This is Usveers into current events, while introducing a new twist

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The following contains spoilers about the "This is Us" fifth-season premiere. "This is Us" pivoted directly into current events, tackling the pandemic and, more pointedly, the fallout from the killing of George Floy...

‘Antebellumhas a ‘Get Outvibe, but doesn’t live up to its twist

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"Antebellum" is built around a provocative twist, and it's a good one -- as well as one that definitely shouldn't be spoiled even a little. Once that revelation is absorbed, tuttavia, the movie becomes less distincti...