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Two-time MVP gladly cedes lead role in playoffs to Middleton

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Aún así, he'll gladly cede the closer's role to Khris Middleton in the Eastern Conference finals. With Middleton taking command in the final minutes, the Milwaukee Bucks are now up 2-1 on the Atlanta Hawks heading to...

Dick Tidrow, two-time World Series champ with Yankees, muerto en 74

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Tidrow played 13 seasons in the major leagues with the Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox and New York Mets. In his post-playing career, he was a special assignment scout with the Yankees and...

Simone Biles ‘did the right thingwhen she withdrew, two-time Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields says

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"Being a returning champion, there's a lot that comes with that, sabes, so much pressure. Nobody wants to withdraw from the Olympics; it had to be something mentally stressful and definitely going on with her to m...

Two-time golf major winner Angel Cabrera arrested in Brazil

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Federal Police in Brazil have arrested golfer Angel Cabrera on an Interpol red notice for alleged crimes committed in Argentina. In a statement by Federal Police in Rio de Janeiro, an unnamed 51-year-old Argentine w...

After daughter’s passing, two-time cancer survivor creates safer PPE

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When Kezia Fitzgerald's 1-year-old daughter Saoirse was fighting a stage four neuroblastoma tumor, Kezia knew she wanted to do everything in her power to make Saoirse's treatment as comfortable as possible. So when...