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Tucker Carlson: Tirannie kom tensy iemand die Demokrate stop’ COVID-kraggryp

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So it's possible that one of the equity hires at the White House confused Mozambique with Botswana, waar die ander dag twee mense moontlik aan omicron gesterf het. Hoe dit ook al sy, Mozambique and Botswana don't even sha...

Sy. Dan Sullivan sê Taiwan is 'voorste linie van tirannie vs. vryheid,’ noem Biden se optrede 'swak'’

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BIDEN ONDERSOEK OM TAIWAN TE VERDEDIG AS CHINA DAN SULLIVAN AANVAL: Taiwan is nie een of ander perifere byvertoning in grootmagkompetisie nie. Aan my, dit is die voorste linie van tirannie versus vryheid. En dit is in sekere opsigte soortgelyk aan ...

Canadian pastor says Soviet-style tyranny is drawing eerily close after another arrest

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"Pawlowski went viral when he protested Canada's insane COVID mandates. And now authorities are arresting him again," host Laura Ingraham said. The pastor was arrested by Canada Border Services Agency when he returne...

Former CIA officer on Psaki’s ‘alarming’ aankondiging: We’re moving slowly from ‘freedom to tyranny

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CRITICS SLAM THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER PSAKI REVEALS IT'S CONSULTING WITH FACEBOOK TO 'FLAG MISINFORMATION' BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT: I think that what we are watching is the slow croach from freedom to tyranny. Jy sien, een van...

Ricky Schroder accosts Costco employee on video for denying him entry without a mask: ‘Medical tyranny

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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, stores have been requiring patrons to wear a face-covering of some kind in order to be allowed to shop. Many are doing it in compliance with their respective state’s mandates on ...

Neurologist rips ‘medical tyrannyafter NY school forces medically-exempt autistic child to wear mask

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DANIELLE YOUNG, SEBASTIAN'S MOTHER: My son is coming home every day saying 'Mommy, I can’t breathe. I pick him up and his mask is soaking wet in snot and the school just completely ignores these problems and refused...