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Neil deGrasse Tyson on stars, Santa’s location and jokes for third graders

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is a man of many parts, constantly on the go. In his day job, he is the director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, as well as a noted astrophysicist...

Jamie Foxx set to play Mike Tyson in a limited series

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Jamie Foxx will play Mike Tyson in a limited series. The project is named, "Tyson," and Martin Scorsese is set to executive produce, a representative for Tyson confirmed to CNN. It had originally been planned as a m...

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury agree to meet in long-awaited boxing match, per verslae

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Heavyweight boxing champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are finally set to face each other in the ring, according to multiple media outlets. The fighters have signed a contract to meet in a pair of matches expe...

Cicely Tyson Vinnige feite

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Hier is 'n blik op die lewe van die Emmy-bekroonde aktrise Cicely Tyson. Persoonlike geboortedatum: Desember 19, 1924 (sê sommige bronne 1933) Geboorteplek: New York, New York Geboortenaam: Cicely Tyson Fathe ...

Mike Tyson vs.. Roy Jones Jr.: Alles wat u moet weet oor die stryd

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Mike Tyson, eens oorweeg "die slegste mens op die planeet," keer Saterdag terug na die boksring vir 'n baie verwagte stryd. Vyftien jaar nadat hy afgetree het, the former heavyweight champion will square off agai...

Why this year will be the first time Mike Tyson will vote

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Mike Tyson, 54, has never voted before. He's changing that this election year. "This will be my 1st time voting," Tyson said in a tweet Tuesday. "I never thought I could because of my felony record. I'm proud to fi...