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Uganda reopens schools after world’s longest Covid-19 shutdown

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Kayunga, UgandaThis week 18-year-old Fridah Namuganza is taking orders and wiping down tables in the Ugandan restaurant where she works -- but she wishes she was putting on a new school uniform and returning to class...

Deaths and injuries reported in Uganda blast amid heightened terror threat

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At least one person has died and several others were injured after an explosion in Uganda's capital Kampala, the country's President Yoweri Museveni said in a tweet Sunday. "The Information I have is that 3 people c...

Uganda security forces withdraw from Bobi Wine’s home ending 11 days of house arrest

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Security forces have withdrawn from Ugandan presidential candidate Bobi Wine's residence after he spent 11 days under house arrest, his lawyer told CNN on Tuesday. "They are now leaving, we hope this doesn't change...

Por lo menos 45 people have been killed during Uganda protests

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Por lo menos 45 people were killed in protests that rocked Kampala and other parts of Uganda last week, a police spokesperson said Monday. The protests were sparked by the arrest of popular music star turned presidenti...

Más que 200 prisoners break free from jail in Uganda, some with guns and ammunition

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Kampala, UgandaPrisoners in a Ugandan jail overpowered their guards and 219 of them escaped with at least 15 pistolas, but two were killed after security forces launched an operation to recapture them, a military spokesw...