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Britain is under lockdown. But one year into the Covid crisis, many are unable to keep to the rules

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London Anna says she did not want to break the UK's Covid-19 lockdown rules. The 37-year-old has worked through the pandemic. Anna says she cleans an office building in London which is open but nearly empty, as most ...

[object Window]: Over 6.4M people displaced in Ukraine, 12M stranded or unable to flee, UN coalition says

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The staggering statistics were compiled via survey by the International Organization for Migration, or IOM, and shared in Friday’s "Update on IDP Figures in Ukraine." アン "IDP" is an internally displaced person, or so...

NBA investigation unable to determine if Utah Jazz executive made alleged racially insensitive comments

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The NBA said Monday that its investigation was unable to establish that racially insensitive comments were made by Utah Jazz Executive Dennis Lindsey as alleged by former Jazz player Elijah Millsap. 先月, インクルード ...

Obama axing Cold War-era military policy leaves US unable to battle in two, simultaneous regional conflicts

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"It means we can’t do both," senior research fellow for Defense Programs at the Heritage Foundation told Fox News Digital in a phone interview when asked if the U.S. would hypothetically be able to fight in both Ukra...

Limbaugh producer Bo Snerdley blasts Democrats‘depravedview that Black Americans are unable to get IDs

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Both liberal activists and some corporations including Coca-Cola, Dell Computer, American Airlines and Delta Airlines have expressed outrage at new elections bills in Georgia and Texas most recently, with many claimi...

ジェラルドリベラ: The urban crime spikes show government unable to keep us safe

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Rivera called the movement to defund police in several Democrat-run cities the "most self-defeating social movement of our time," saying the anti-cop activism is "ナンセンス" that is leading to a "weapons-based civil w...

ロシアは「破産している,’ 勝つことができず、「行き止まり」に直面している’ 戦争で: [object Window]

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ロシアは "破産" そして今直面している "行き止まり" 戦争で, Zelenskyyは日曜日の夜の演説の間に言った. 彼のスピーチ中に, Zelenskyyは、彼の国が勝利への潜在的な道を見始めていると言いました。.

'5': 「ディファンド・ザ・ポリス」をスピンできない民主党員; レースカードをプレイできません’ またはトランプの松葉杖を使用する’

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ザ・ "払い戻し" 民主党の顔の動きは時間とともに爆発した, ポートランドのような都市として, 鉱石。, フィラデルフィア, オークランド, ニューヨーク, アトランタとシカゴでは、暴力犯罪率が急上昇しています, ホストのグレッグ・ガットフェルドは; プレイイン...

BYU student-athletes unable to partner with several brand types over school’s honor code

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BYU said Thursday a letter was sent from athletics director Tom Holmoe to student-athletes on guidance about the school’s NIL policy. Among the guidance, BYU athletes are prohibited from entering agreements with comp...

Phil Collinsは、健康状態が悪化したためにドラムを演奏できなくなったことを明らかにしました

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歌手は彼のバンドで道に出るでしょう, ジェネシス, 今月後半に再び, トニーバンクスとマイクラザフォードとの再会. 彼はツアーで歌いますが, 彼はもうドラムを演奏しません. ミュージシャンの健康。.

Queen Elizabeth II advised by doctors to rest for 2 more weeks, unable to travel for planned engagements

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Buckingham Palace said Friday that the 95-year-old monarch will be unable to travel at the recommendation of medical advisers. しかしながら, she will be able to continue undertaking light, desk-based duties that include s...

担当者. 一茶: カリフォルニア州の法執行機関は、数年間、ささいな犯罪に対処することができませんでした

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サンフランシスコ市長が犯罪対策の提案を発表, より多くの警察ダレルアイサを約束します: たった今, カリフォルニアの法執行機関は、数年間、ささいな犯罪と呼ばれているもので人々を逮捕することができませんでした。.

Jenna Jameson, ‘unable to walk,’ has Guillain-Barré Syndrome

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Jenna Jameson has offered an update on a medical condition that has her hospitalized in Hawaii. The former adult film star posted on her verified Instagram Monday that she has gotten some answers about her diagnosis...

American detained in Russia is sick and unable to reach US embassy, his brother says

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Washington Paul Whelan, a US citizen who has been detained in Russia for more than two years, is sick and has struggled to reach the US Embassy, his brother said Wednesday. "Paul has been able to speak to our parents...


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周は、コロナウイルスの検査で陽性だったため、大会中に1つのイベントを辞めなければなりませんでした。. 周は、コロナウイルスの検査で陽性だったため、大会中に1つのイベントを辞めなければなりませんでした。. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . ...