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Paint plant explosion leaves one person unaccounted for and several injured

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An explosion at a paint manufacturing facility in Ohio left several injured, two critically, and one person unaccounted for, according officials in Columbus. Firefighters who responded just after midnight to report...

Dozens unaccounted for in Mozambique after Islamist attack, rights groups say

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Maputo, Mozambique Thousands of people have fled the town of Palma in northern Mozambique after an attack by Islamist insurgents on Wednesday, according to human rights groups, while the fate of dozens of people who ...

One firefighter and some residents are unaccounted for in fire at New York senior center

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One firefighter is missing, and some residents are unaccounted for in a fire at a residential senior center located in the northern suburbs of New York City, ha detto un funzionario martedì. The firefighter had been missin...

Staggering number of wild bee species unaccounted for since the ’90s

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There has been an overwhelming drop in the number of wild bee species that are reported in public records over the past 30 anni, secondo un nuovo studio. Researchers looked at bee records in the Global Biodiversit...

Più di 300 students still unaccounted for after Nigerian school raid

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Abuja, Nigeria Some 337 students are still unaccounted for after gunmen attacked a school in northern Nigeria over the weekend, a government official told CNN on Monday. Local police said a large number of attacker...