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Joe Concha reacts to most unbelievable headlines of 2021: ‘That’s real, isn’t it?’

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Some of the most widely ridiculed or condemned headlines of the past year included unpopular takes on the supply chain crisis, inflasie, media coverage of President Biden, and the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops f...

Seven unbelievable headlines in 2021 that were not satire

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The candidates this year included controversial takes on President Biden, an economy battling both a high inflation rate and a supply chain crisis, the coronavirus, onderwys, and even fatal tragedies. The list below...

Bryce Harper is the NL MVP after ‘unbelievableturnaround, Baseball Hall of Famer says

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Harper is leading the charge in Philadelphia’s late-season push to the postseason. He’s having one of his best seasons since winning the National League MVP with the Washington Nationals in 2015 and is on the verge o...

Pro disc golfer nails unbelievable 247-foot shot to force playoff

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Conrad needed the birdie on the 18th hole to force the extra hole against Paul McBeth at the course in Ogden, Utah. Conrad nailed the shot from 247 feet out and the crowd went crazy. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTS COVERA ...

Breonna Taylor se ma sê haar dogter se dood en die gebrek aan geregtigheid is 'nog steeds ongelooflik’ 'n jaar later

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Byna een jaar na die dood van Breonna Taylor, waarvan die herdenking Saterdag is, het die familie en prokureur gesê, "daar was nog steeds nie geregtigheid vir Breonna nie." Tamika Palmer, Taylor se ma, het CNN se Alisyn gesê ...

Donald Trump said there were ‘unbelievable undercover operativesin the Florida crowd Thursday. Wat?

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President Donald Trump sometimes, wel, just says stuff. This is especially true when he speaks to large gatherings of supporters -- as he did on Thursday night in Jacksonville, Florida. These lines, in particular...