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Fauci says COVID-19 pandemic uncontrolled as 66M remain unvaccinated

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CLICK HERE TO FIND A COVID-19 VACCINE NEAR YOU "Much of the world, and in some respects including ourselves, are still in the pandemic phase," Fauci told a virtual White House briefing Wednesday, later adding, "We’re...

Chinese rocket to make uncontrolled reentry; unclear where debris will hit: reporte

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SpaceNews reported that the core of the Long March 5B, which is considered a variant of the country's largest rocket, will reenter the Earth within the next week as one of the "largest instances of uncontrolled reent...

Navajo Nation says it has 34 communities with ‘uncontrolled spreadof Covid-19

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The Navajo Nation, which spans parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, posee 34 communities with "uncontrolled spread" of Covid-19, its president's office said in a statement. Navajo leaders say the spread is "largely ...