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'Tucker Carlson Originals’ uncovers how wind energy is destroying landscape, livelihoods

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Nell'episodio, "Blown Away: The People Vs Wind Power," Carlson and his production crew uncover the human cost of wind energy, traveling across the country to find out how turbines have the capability to decimate wil...

Trey Yingst scopre come l'equipaggiamento militare americano sta servendo i talebani afghani

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TREY YINGST: La maggior parte dell'equipaggiamento militare americano e afghano all'aeroporto di Kabul è stato distrutto dagli Stati Uniti. forze prima di lasciare Kabul. Non è così per il resto dell'Afghanistan. Ci sono migliaia di Humvees,...

‘Beyond and Back’: Ainsley Earhardt uncovers stories of modern-day miracles

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The doctor was convinced he knew how the brain worked — until something this scientist never dreamed of would happen to him in the early morning hours of November 10th. 2008.That night, he'd experienced sudden, horri...

Mark Fuhrman uncovers new details in the unsolved cases of Natalee Holloway, Bob Crane

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16 anni dopo, her case continues to mystify the world. Adesso, former Los Angeles Police Department detective and Fox Nation host Mark Fuhrman dives deep into the details of one of America's most notorious crime myste...