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Undercover NYPD officer arrests woman who allegedly yelled anti-Asian slurs and threatened violence

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New York An undercover officer with the New York Police Department arrested a woman yelling anti-Asian slurs at a Chinatown nail salon, according to city officials. Sharon Williams, 50, allegedly went into the nail s...

Undercover video sparks outrage over secret dinner parties for Paris elite

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An undercover report showing members of the Paris elite enjoying secret dinner parties in luxury restaurants and flouting Covid-19 restrictions has sparked fury in France, and prompted the city's prosecutor to launc...

St.. Louis jurors return mixed verdict for officers accused of beating an undercover officer and then trying to cover it up

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A federal jury in St. Louis returned a mixed verdict Monday in the case of three police officers accused of beating a fellow officer working undercover. Luther Hall, who was identified in a civil suit he filed, wen...

Twee dood nadat geheime polisie op mekaar geskiet het in Filippyne se dwelmbust

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Twee polisiebeamptes in die Filippyne is tydens 'n skietgeveg met ander federale agente dood tydens 'n onderonsie met geheime dwelm, volgens die amptelike staatsmedia Philippine News Agency (PNA). Die twee beamptes, heen ...

Undercover cops dressed as Santa and his elf fight crime at a California shopping center

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Cops dressed as Santa Claus and his elf jumped into action when they saw car being stolen, said police in Riverside, Kalifornië. The undercover police officer and detective were outside a busy shopping center on Th...

Donald Trump said there were ‘unbelievable undercover operativesin the Florida crowd Thursday. Wat?

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President Donald Trump sometimes, wel, just says stuff. This is especially true when he speaks to large gatherings of supporters -- as he did on Thursday night in Jacksonville, Florida. These lines, in particular...