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Reps. Donalds ataca a las "élites liberales"’ ataques a Joe Manchin: "No entienden la economía de EE. UU.’

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Donalds dijo "Hannity" el martes estaba decepcionado de que Bowman aparentemente no pueda ver el daño que sus políticas de extrema izquierda están haciendo al pueblo estadounidense.. "Bien, Mira, déjame decirte rápido: Si eres negro o ....

Halle Berry says talking to ‘spiritual healerhelped her understand her ‘abusivefather

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The 55-year-old actress has been open in the past about her difficult relationship with her dad, referring to his alcoholism and troubling behavior a number of times. She followed suit in a recent interview with NPR'...

Chris Cuomo aborda la suspensión de CNN: "Me duele incluso decirlo, es vergonzoso, pero yo entiendo'

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"Hola a todos, es Chris Cuomo, vamos a buscarlo, nota rápida, lo obvio, Me suspendieron de CNN," Cuomo dijo el miércoles en su programa de radio SiriusXM mientras le decía a un productor que cortara la música.. "Tú lo sabes...

El líder de la comunidad de South Park dice que ha crecido para abrazar a la policía como "familia:’ "Me hicieron entender el trabajo’

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Ingraham recorrió el barrio de South Park de Los Ángeles, que se ha ganado una reputación por su preocupante tasa de tiroteos, el consumo de drogas, apuñalamientos, prostitución, y violencia de pandillas. El anfitrión se reunió con el oficial de policía de Los Ángeles, Sg..

Sullivan says G20 leaders will ‘understanddomestic politics if Biden agenda has not passed

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The president is set to travel to Rome on Thursday, where he will first meet with Pope Francis on Oct. 29 in Vatican City, followed by a bilateral program with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Italian Prime Mi...

Ingraham: Biden no comprende las preciadas libertades

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Reportando en vivo desde Ole Miss en Oxford, Misisipí, ahead of a notable congregate setting – at which ex-New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will have his #10 jubilado en su alma mater colegiada, Ingraham pointe...

Geraldo: Biden doesn’t understand consequences of ‘flooding free money to peoplewho should have a job

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With Biden's approval rating now 10 points lower than Barack Obama's at this time in his presidency, the Delaware Democrat habitually goes several days without a public appearance and has not held a direct press conf...

Asaltantes’ Jon Gruden ‘hates tauntingbut doesn’t understand Darren Waller penalty in loss against Chargers

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Raiders tight end Darren Waller was officials' latest victim, getting hit with a 15-yard penalty that stirred controversy on social media with viewers questioning the call. With his back turned to Chargers players, W ...

Daniil Medvedev explains US Open celebration: ‘Only legends will understand

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It appeared Medvedev was just exhausted after trying to wrap up the win in the last set and dealing with a crowd that was clearly behind Djokovic. Medvedev explained what his celebration was all about. "Only legends ...

Meet the entrepreneur teaching computers to understand human emotions

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Computers are smart. They store and process vast amounts of data in the blink of an eye, translate language instantaneously, and even operate machinery. But they have the same emotional intelligence as a brick wall....

Tucker Carlson: Hungarian architecture proves Americans don’t understand ‘how bad it can get

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Carlson spoke of the dichotomy between the present state of the United States, politically, architecturally and culturally, to that of Hungary under the self-described ‘Christian-democratic' Orban. los "Tucker Carlso...

Teslas can now play Disney movies and understand Russian

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Tesla has added the Disney+ app to its Tesla Theater in-car entertainment system, which can be used by the front seat passengers while a vehicle is stationary and on a rear seat display in the new Model S on the move...

Tomi lahren: Los cubanoamericanos entienden lo que significa la libertad, pero los demócratas no quieren escucharlo’

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CRUZ CALLS OUT BIDEN'S STATE DEPARTMENT AMID REPORTS OF CUBA’S CRACKDOWN ON PROTESTERS TOMI LAHREN: (Demócratas) no escuchan a los inmigrantes que llegaron a este país y huyeron del socialismo y el comunismo. They won't li...

Domenech: We are free people because we understand where our rights come from

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BEN DOMENECH: The ruling class doesn’t need to do everything itself. They can pick at the peripherals and nod in agreement while the mobs, and the students, the corrupt corporate press, and the tech oligarchs get TH...

Tom Brady can’t understand why Giants fans dislike him: ‘You should love me

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Brady, who is about to start his pursuit of an eighth title and second as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wondered on The Complex Sports Podcast why Giants fans hate him. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . ...

Kelly Osbourne no habla con su hermana mayor Aimee: "Ella no me entiende, No la entiendo "

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"No hablamos," Kelly, 36, le dijo a Dax Shepard en el episodio del lunes del actor de la "Experto en sillón" pódcast. "Somos realmente diferentes. Ella no me comprende y yo no la comprendo a ella." Kelly y Aimee, 37, s...

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