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CDC director spoke with several union leaders before tightening masking guidance, internal calendar reveals

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The Biden administration tightened the school masking guidance last May after the National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest teachers union, had threatened White House officials with publicly releasin...

Colorado teachers union leader reportedly rallied against charter school: ‘A further decrease in enrollment

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"Please note that if Ascent gets approved, it is anticipated to cause a further decrease in enrollment across our district. For those of you who don't know, less students = less $ $ . Please think about signing up ...

LA teachers union uses Teacher Appreciation Week to ask for ‘higher salariesand student loan forgiveness

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The teachers union has made multiple demands throughout the pandemic, including demanding that police funding be shifted to education in 2020. The head of United Teachers Los Angeles said in 2021 that there was "no s...

NYC Mayor Adams angers police union with new cell phone rule: ‘Our justice system is failing

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NYC MAYOR ERIC ADAMS PROMISED TO CRUSH CRIME BUT IS BEING THWARTED BY REMNANTS OF HIS PREDECESSOR, EXPERT President of the NYPD detectives union, Paul DiGiacomo, slammed the mayor on "Volpe & Prima gli amici" for hi...

OPM employee union says agency hasn’t addressed COVID and safety concerns for returning workers

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The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) archiviato 13 unfair labor practice complaints against the agency over what it says is a lack of preparedness for returning workers. Employees at OPM were previously ...

Amazon union organizer slams AOC for going ‘radio silentuntil their victory: We don’t need her support now

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Amazon employees at the Staten Island facility voted in favor of unionizing last week, the first of its kind in the corporation's decades-long history. AOC GETS CALLED OUT BY PROGRESSIVE JOURNALIST FOR GOING TO THE ...

Border Patrol union chief torches Biden administration for doing ‘absolutely nothingto end crisis

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BRANDON JUDD: First thing I would do is, I would re-implement the Migrant Protection Protocols, but even if he chose not to do that, he could operate within his parameters. Stop the catch-and-release, hold people in ...

Scalare: CDC gave teachers union ‘VIP accessfor guidance on school reopening

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"It was political science, not medical science," Scalise said on "L'angolo di Ingraham" Wednesday about a House Republican report accusing the CDC of coordinating with the American Federation of Teachers union in creat...

Border Patrol union president issues stark warning: ‘Floodgates could totally bust open

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TEXAS LAWMAKERS URGE BIDEN TO KEEP COVID BORDER POLICY BRANDON JUDD: We're fighting fronts that we just don't have the resources to do it, and if Title 42 goes away, then those floodgates just completely and totally ...

Il suo stomaco si contrasse per l'ansia’ Il suo stomaco si contrasse per l'ansia’ per i primi soccorritori

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per i primi soccorritori & per i primi soccorritori "per i primi soccorritori" A ...

A Democrat declared violent crime a public health emergency. Police union president calls it a political move

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The Little Rock Board of Directors approved Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s resolution 9-1 il feb. 1 – the same day Scott announced his reelection bid. "I don’t think the mayor and the police chief give a damn about the poli...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: ‘Union prioritizes politics over education,’ former Chicago Teachers Union employee says

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"We're going to start by [having you] describe who you are and what your past role was on the CTU, Chicago's Teacher Union," the pastor began. "I appreciate you having me on your roof here, and I appreciate everythi...

Teachers union president misspells Ukraine on Twitter after posing with upside down Ukrainian flag

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"We #StandWithUkriane," American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten tweeted on Wednesday morning before deleting the tweet shortly after.

Biden’s sanctions against Russia running risk of creating new Soviet Union: Jonas Max Ferris

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"I think the effect is we're running a real risk of creating basically a new Soviet Union and a new Iron Curtain through sanctions that, secondo me, are targeted more towards the people of Russia, the ordinary cit...

Browns release JC Tretter, union president; meeting Watson

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Tretter spent five seasons with Cleveland as a dependable leader and anchor of one of the league's best offensive lines. The 31-year-old played through some serious leg injuries during while playing in 80 Giochi. CLIC...

European Union leaders plan visit to Ukraine’s capital as Russian war enters third week

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Poland’s Mateusz Moravetsky, the Czech Republic’s Petr Fiala, and Slovenia’s Janez Jansa will travel to Kyiv after thousands of civilians and soldiers have been killed and 2.8 million people from the city have been f...