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US Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield says ‘we need to dismantle White supremacyand unite against racism

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US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Friday called for the dismantling of White supremacy and for the world to "stand unified against this scourge" of racism. "In so many of our communitie...

President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite nation with victory speech

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President-elect Joe Biden will speak to a deeply divided nation tonight, making a plea for unity and understanding after four years of turmoil and conflict fomented by President Donald Trump, who showed no indicatio...

A Confederate statue is coming down today in the Virginia city of deadly ‘Unite the Right’ geweld

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The statue of a Confederate soldier, flanked by a cannon and ammunition, has stood at the county courthouse in Charlottesville, Virginia, sedert 1909, meer as 40 years after the Civil War. It was christened "At Rea...