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‘40s star Carole Landis, seemingly forgotten today, ‘embodied a real sense of unity’ during WWII, skrywer sê

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The award-winning author recently wrote a book in partnership with Turner Classic Movies (TCM), "Hollywood Victory," which explores how the stars from the golden era of filmmaking supported American troops during Wor...

Oz claims Pennsylvania ‘election is ours,’ calls for GOP unity in Keystone State

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Oz described the Democratic nominee, Lt. Goewerneur. John Fetterman, as an extreme liberal who is "left of Joe Biden." On his campaign website, Fetterman wrote "a woman's right to an abortion is non-negotiable," "climate ch...

Connecticut high school lacrosse player remembered in show of unity between opposing teams

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A 16-year-old from Milford is in police custody in connection to a Saturday fight that left McGrath dead and three other teens injured, volgens owerhede. McGrath lived in Shelton but attended Fairfield Colleg...

WaPo columnist doesn’t get why ‘Bidenism is failing’ when he’s been ‘emphasizing unity’, ‘popular policies’

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Bacon was puzzled at President Biden’s current political misfortunes. He opened his piece, sê, "Bidenism is failing. But we don’t know exactly why or what it portends for the future." The writer claimed, "Joe Bid...

French ambassador to the US: France’s summit goals are ‘strong solidarity and unitybehind Ukraine

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PHILIPPE ÉTIENNE: A stronger solidarity and unity, confirmation of the reassurance given to our Eastern neighbors in the alliance. France is redeploying aircraft carriers. We sent more troops to Estonia and to Romani...

Biden’s European trip will be heavy on displays of Western unity but could be light on actions to stop Putin’s Ukraine war

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President Joe Biden and his fellow world leaders hope to finalize and unveil a package of new measures to punish Russia, help Ukraine and demonstrate Western unity at a string of emergency summits in Europe this wee...

Amid Ukraine-Russia war, Guy Fieri’s new season of ‘Tournament of Champions IIIprovides comfort, eenheid

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Die "Mayor of Flavortown" is back hosting "Tournament of Champions III" on The Food Network and Discovery+, bringing to small screens a "supersized" version of the iconic culinary competition with double the chefs an...

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Moskou Russiese president Vladimir Poetin en Chinese president Xi Jinping het 'n oproep gerig vir NAVO om verdere uitbreiding te staak tydens 'n vergadering op die kantlyn van die Olimpiese Spele op Vrydag, [object Window].

Staatsafdeling. says no signs of Russian deescalation toward Ukraine, defends NATO unity

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"We have been very clear," Price aan verslaggewers gesê. "There is not a precondition for dialogue in diplomacy, but there is a precondition for that dialogue … moving in the right direction. "I don’t think we’ve seen any co...

Biden fails to achieve unity on climate as China, Russia avoid COP26 summit

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"I indicated that China and Russia not showing up — and Saudi Arabia — is a problem," Biden gesê. Saudi Arabia participated in the conference, but some have faulted its allegedly lackluster commitment to fighting cl...

Tucker Carlson: 'Kom ons gaan Brandon’ chants are demonstrations of pro-Biden unity

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That's an unnerving thought, especially when you realize that ultimately Vladimir Putin is behind at all. Russian disinformation is everywhere in this country. It's lurking even within our own minds. It's worse even ...

Sy. Bernie Sanders: Biden’s $3.5T plan to help working families depends on Democratic unity

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Sommige 88 percent believe we should lower the cost of prescription drugs, 84 percent believe we should expand Medicare to include dental care, hearing aids and eye glasses, 73 percent support establishing Paid Family a...

Hannity: Biden gone from pledging unity to using Americans as political scapegoats

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Biden announced Thursday that employers with fewer than 100 employees would be required to mandate employees be vaccinated or test them weekly, drawing sharp criticism from Republicans and questions from critics abou...

Biden touts ‘national unityin prerecorded 9/11 message to America

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"To the families of the 2,977 people from more than 90 nations killed on September 11, 2001, in die stad New York, Arlington, Va., and Shanksville, Wel., and the thousands of more that were injured, America commemorates y...

Ingraham: ‘Biden blaas sy kans’ van eenheid en voorspoed, terwyl hy Fauci Amerikaners laat les

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"Biden blaas dit. En in die proses, hy begrawe Amerika wanneer ons te midde van 'n groot ekonomiese herlewing moet wees," sy het gese. "Geen verkose Republikein ... geen gematigde Demokraat, geen onafhanklike nie, moet help hallo ...

Juan Williams: Happy Juneteenth – new holiday’s approval a surprising act of racial unity in divided times

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Did you know that it’s been almost four decades since Congress created a new federal holiday?  In a surprising act of racial unity, even heavenly grace, a politically divided Congress passed recognition of Juneteent...

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