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Federal vaccine mandates ‘unprecedented,’ prokureurs, Supreme Court justices acknowledge

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"Businesses have encouraged and incentivized their employees to get vaccines," attorney Scott Keller told the Supreme Court Friday. "But a single federal agency tasked with occupational standards cannot commandeer bu...

Virginia I-95 winter storm disaster leaves hundreds stranded: ‘This is unprecedented’

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The situation currently unfolding in Northern Virginia comes after a winter storm dumped up to a foot of snow and toppled trees across the Fredericksburg region Monday. Van nou af, Interstate-95 remains closed n...

Fauci: US ‘definitelysaw variants coming, but omicron mutations ‘unprecedented

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The omicron variant has driven new cases to alarming levels in the past two weeks, causing some universities and businesses to mandate boosters or adopt more severe restriction measures again in an echo that reminds ...

Sy. Tim Scott: Fed chairman ‘finally speaking the truthabout unprecedented inflation

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CONSUMER INFLATION HITS HIGHEST SINCE 1982 TIM SCOTT: There's no doubt that when you think about inflation, it's bone-crushing, life-changing, hope-stealing, job-killing inflation. There's no doubt in my mind that I'...

Record December heat leading to ‘unprecedentedextreme weather threat

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Record December heat surging northward to Canada is fueling severe weather across the central US Wednesday, creating hurricane-force winds, potentially strong overnight tornadoes and an extreme fire threat. "Another...

Die Withuis neem ongekende stappe om private burgers toe te laat om Afghaanse vlugtelinge te borg

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Die Biden-administrasie neem 'n ongekende stap om die 55,600 Afghaanse ontruimdes van die Amerikaanse militêre basisse waar hulle al weke lank woon en in permanente huise, 'n amptenaar wat die poging lei...

Filmmaker reflects on unprecedented interview with Justice Clarence Thomas on his contentious confirmation

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"I have found that he is very warm and funny, despite what some people think his reputation is," Pack said in an interview with Fox News Digital. "He loves to laugh," Pack added. "He’s famous for his great laugh. Hy ...

Security high in Paris as unprecedented trial of suspects in 2015 terror attacks begins

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ParisA trial of unprecedented scale starts under high security on Wednesday to judge 20 men suspected of involvement in a jihadist rampage across Paris on November 13, 2015, the deadliest attack in peacetime France. ...

Newt Gingrich: Biden se 'skade' aan die VSA in die ramp in Afghanistan is ongekend

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MOEDER SOLDAT VERMOOR IN KABUL PUTS BLAME OP BIDEN: NEWT GINGRICH 'U VERTROU DIE VYAND': Ek dink nie daar was ooit nie, in die hele Amerikaanse geskiedenis, almal wat binne twee of drie weke die skade berokken het..

Texas’ 6-week abortion ban lets private citizens sue in an unprecedented legal approach

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A Texas state law that bans abortion after as early as six weeks into the pregnancy could provide the playbook for red states to pass extreme abortion restrictions -- without having to wait for the Supreme Court to ...

Hurricane Ida’s impact on Louisiana is ‘unprecedented,’ Cajun Navy Relief president says

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CNR is a 501(c)3 organization that has undergone training from both FEMA (Federale agentskap vir noodbestuur) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Gestig in 2016, the group of volunteers has assisted in n...

US encounters ‘unprecedentednumber of migrants at southern border, Homeland Security chief says

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The Biden administration is facing a "serious challenge" at the US southern border, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Thursday, saying the US has encountered an "ongekende" number of migrants i...

‘What you’re doing is unprecedented’: McCarthy-Pelosi feud boils over

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The relationship between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was never very warm. Now it's in the down-right gutter. After a whiplash week of power plays between the two party leaders over...

Gov. Texas. Abbott slams feds for ‘complete abandonmentof border laws amid ‘unprecedented’ migrerende oplewing

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"The bottom line is that, because of the current administration’s complete abandonment of enforcing the laws passed by the United States Congress concerning immigration, there is an unprecedented increase of people c...

Eerste op CNN: Biden unveils unprecedented government-wide strategy to encourage US citizenship

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The Biden administration is introducing an unprecedented effort to encourage eligible immigrants to apply for US citizenship, according to a US Citizenship and Immigration Services official. The effort stems from on...

The Northwest heat wave is ‘unprecedented.Here’s what’s pushing it into uncharted territory.

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As temperatures surged past 100 grade, Bree Oswill gathered all the blankets and towels she could find and taped them to every window that didn't have a shade. She doesn't have central air conditioning and wanted ...

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