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NFL tells remaining playoff teams unvaccinated players no longer subject to daily Covid-19 testing

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The National Football League issued a memo Friday advising the remaining eight teams left in the playoffs that unvaccinated players no longer need daily Covid-19 tests. Covid-19 protocols updated by the league and N...

Florida health official sent an email calling out his unvaccinated colleagues. He’s now on administrative leave

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The top official for Florida's Department of Health in the Orlando area has been placed on administrative leave after he sent an email expressing his frustration at the low vaccination rate among his colleagues. Los...

Mainstream media resorts to shaming, insulting unvaccinated Americans as COVID surges

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A Washington Post columnist on Tuesday praised French President Emmanuel Macron for a series of discouraging remarks he made about the unvaccinated, urging readers globally to make life a "living hell" for those who ...

Unvaccinated Rhode Island nurses slam new hospital policy: ‘We’ve abandoned common sense’

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"We’ve abandoned common sense," said registered nurse Hannah Denietolis during an appearance on "zorro & Amigos." Denietolis told co-host Brian Kilmeade that she was "frustrado" that hospitals would rather have ...

El reportero de la Casa Blanca le pregunta a Psaki por qué Biden no se ha "centrado más en regañar a los no vacunados"’

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Citando el enfoque del presidente francés Emmanuel Macron, quien levantó las cejas esta semana cuando dijo que tenía la intención de "cabrear" personas no vacunadas en su país, Daniel Lippman de Politico se preguntó si Biden emplearía...

French president Macron’s desire to ‘piss offunvaccinated individuals triggers outrage

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Macron spoke candidly during an interview with French newspaper Le Parisien, during which he said that he wanted to make life difficult for individuals who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine. The French "sanitary p...

Israel detects case of ‘fluronain unvaccinated pregnant woman

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Israel recently confirmed what is believed to be the first documented case of an individual infected with both the flu and COVID-19. An unvaccinated pregnant woman tested positive for both illnesses last week at the...

France cuts isolation times and plans crackdown on unvaccinated amid record surge in Covid cases

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Paris The Omicron variant's rapid spread across France has prompted the government to slash Covid-19 isolation times for vaccinated people and move to further isolate the unvaccinated from public venues in a bid to e...

Termination of unvaccinated health care workers backfires as Biden pledges help amid COVID surge

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"We’re mobilizing an additional 1,000 military doctors and nurses and medics to help staff hospitals," Biden said Monday during the COVID-⁠19 Response Team’s regular call with the National Governors Association. ...

Fauci warns Americans not to invite unvaccinated relatives for the holidays

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El martes, Fauci appeared on MSNBC’s "The Beat with Ari Melber" to discuss holiday plans within the wide-spread Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Within the month of December, the Omicron variant has now grown to ...

Biden demonizes the unvaccinated to create a fictitious notion we should be panicked: Raymond Arroyo

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RAYMOND ARROYO: Lo que es lamentable es la demonización de las personas., familia, especialmente los no vacunados. It all creates this fictitious notion that we should be panicked, that Aunt Kathy is bringing a deadly pathogen ...

Congressman Andy Biggs says Biden admin seeks ‘control,’ to make unvaccinated into ‘an otherin society

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Biggs' comments came after the White House offered a bold message Friday for unvaccinated Americans. "For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and th...

White House ripped for doomsday winter message of ‘severe illness and deathfor unvaccinated people

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Presidente Biden, as well as White House COVID response coordinator Jeff Zients, each pushed the messaging last week, with the former issuing the stark and gloomy warning to Americans following a Thursday White House ...

Biden advierte a los estadounidenses no vacunados que enfrentan el invierno de "enfermedades graves y muerte"’

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Biden advierte a los estadounidenses no vacunados que enfrentan el invierno de 'enfermedades graves y muerte' El presidente Biden dijo el jueves que los estadounidenses no vacunados contra el coronavirus se enfrentan a un invierno de "enfermedad grave y muerte." "Su...

Biden advierte sobre un "invierno de enfermedades graves y muerte"’ para los no vacunados

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"Está aquí ahora, se está extendiendo y va a aumentar.," el presidente dijo sobre la variante omicron mientras se reunía con su equipo de respuesta al coronavirus. "Para los no vacunados, estamos ante un invierno de graves enfermedades..

'El cinco’ blasts Swalwell, Frum for ‘despicablenew COVID restriction ideas for unvaccinated Americans

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Frum, now a writer for "The Atlantic" revista, wrote a lengthy Twitter thread lamenting the lack of full compliance with vaccine recommendations and edicts, suggesting that one way to force Americans to get the jab ...

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