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A statue honoring the US Colored Troops was unveiled across the street from a Confederate monument in Tennessee

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When numerous cities across America fought to remove Confederate monuments, a city in Tennessee chose to refocus attention on the contributions of Black people in the Civil War. After years of planning, the city of...

Monument honoring abolition of slavery unveiled in Richmond two weeks after Robert E. Lee statue was removed

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A monument honoring the abolition of slavery was dedicated on Wednesday in Richmond, Virginia, just two miles from where a hulking statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee once prominently stood. People in the audie...

Bronze sculpture of Burt Reynolds unveiled at his gravesite 3 jare na sy dood

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"Anybody else want to touch him?" Loni Anderson, Reynolds' wife from 1988 aan 1994, asked the small crowd that gathered around the sculpture after the unveiling at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. "Ja, he's...

2022 Lincoln Navigator unveiled with hands-free driving tech

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The refreshed full-size SUV features redesigned front and rear ends and new trims that include a Black Label Central Park with open pore walnut laser-etched with street maps of Manhattan. (Lincoln) ...

US Olympic skateboarding team unveiled, rolling toward Tokyo

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It was an appropriate introduction for a bunch of world-class skaters who will represent the best aspects of this American-born sport in Tokyo: No leaders, no followers — and plenty of love and support for the whole ...

George Floyd statues unveiled as cities celebrate Juneteenth

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It was a quick turnaround for federal employers to recognize Juneteenth as a new federal holiday. But some cities were ready with new statues honoring George Floyd, whose killing by police in Minneapolis last year s...

Electric Ford F-150 Lightning unveiled with ‘frunkand price under $40K

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The full-size, four-door truck shares its body with the rest of the F-150 lineup, except for tis closed off grille and full-width light bars front and rear, but things are very different under the skin. The frame has...

Newly unveiled ‘suicide by cop’ designation for congressional baseball shooting long opposed by survivors

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The issue came to light last week when Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup brought it up during a House Intelligence Committee hearing. He told Wray, who was not in charge of the FBI at the time of the attack, that the designati...

Brasilië het sy plan bekend gemaak om die Amasone te beskerm. Kritici sê dit is nie genoeg nie

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Die Brasiliaanse regering het 'n nuwe amptelike doel vir die bestryding van ontbossing in die Amasone aangebied -- 'n eerste vir die administrasie van president Jair Bolsonaro. Maar volgens kritici is dit skaars genoeg. Afgetrede weermaggenl..

Houston mural honoring George Floyd is unveiled in front of his high school alma mater

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Houston, Texas, leaders unveiled a two-block mural Saturday, dedicated to George Floyd and located directly in front of his alma mater, Jack Yates High School. "We come to celebrate the life and legacy of our homet...