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Barack and Michelle Obama return to the White House for unveiling of official portraits

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Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama will visit the White House on Wednesday for the unveiling of their official White House portraits -- marking the return of a Washington tradition la...

Vandal targets Margret Thatcher’s statue just hours after unveiling

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"Tear it down!" one man shouted toward the statue Sunday, as others driving past it loudly booed, volgens Sky News. Video filmed in Grantham, Lincolnshire, shows one unidentified man launching eggs at the 20-foo...

Marla Gibbsscary moment at her Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiling

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After decades in the business Marla Gibbs knows that the show must go on and it did on Tuesday after the actress became overcome at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Gibbs, 90, was at the podium giving a speech d...

Prince Harry and Prince William ‘have started the healing’ after Princess Diana statue unveiling: bron

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The claim was made by a source who alleged the brothers "have turned a new page" after the unveiling of a statue honoring their late mother Princess Diana on what would have been her 60th birthday. "William and Harry...

Kate Middleton wou regtig die onthulling van die standbeeld van Prinses Diana bywoon, nie om hierdie rede nie: bron

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"Uit respek vir [Prins] Harry en [Prins] William, [die koninklike familie] wou hê dit moet net oor Diana se seuns gaan en nie 'n groot openbare aangeleentheid nie," het 'n bron Vrydag aan Us Weekly gesê. "Kate het beslis ondersteun [h ...

Prins Harry, Prince William reunite for Princess Diana statue unveiling in Kensington Palace

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Op Donderdag, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex were seen together to unveil a statue of the Princess of Wales on what would have been her 60th birthday. The event is taking place in the Sunken Garden at Lo...

Kate Middleton’s absence from Princess Diana’s statue unveiling will be ‘telling’: verslag doen

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Prince William’s wife is missing out on the unveiling of a statue to mark what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday after the guest list was slashed. And while it was expected that Kate would be on hand to broker pe...

Prince William wants to reunite privately with Prince Harry before unveiling statue of Princess Diana: bron

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The brothers are expected to stand shoulder-to-shoulder for the unveiling of a statue they commissioned in honor of their late mother Princess Diana. It is scheduled to be unveiled at Kensington Palace on July 1, wat ...

Newly renovated Rose Garden under repair less than 3 weeks after unveiling

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The newly renovated White House Rose Garden is under repair less than three weeks after it's official unveiling. The garden is experiencing "issues with water drainage" en "some minor complications with updated con...