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NHL postpones upcoming New York Islanders games due to Covid-19 outbreak

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New York Islanders games have been postponed through at least Tuesday due to a Covid-19 outbreak within the team, the National Hockey League (NHL) announced on Saturday. "As a result of an additional New York Island...

Will the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. ウェイド? Possible outcomes for the upcoming abortion case

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While the court could overturn its landmark decision in Roe v. ウェイド, which legalized abortion, observers have suggested the justices could take more complicated paths to allowing states the power to impose greater re...

Kyle Rittenhouse case: Prosecutors can’t call wounded men ‘victimsduring upcoming trial, 裁判官の規則

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Monday’s hearing was likely the last before Rittenhouse heads to trial Nov. 1 for the shootings during destructive demonstrations in Kenosha on Aug. 25, 2020, two days after a White police officer in that city shot a...

Dionne Warwick is not a fan of upcoming Whitney Houston biopic

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Dionne Warwick is not on board with the forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic. Warwick, who is a cousin of the late singer who died in 2012 歳の時に 48 after an accidental drowning, told the Los Angeles Times "私はw ...

Trisha Yearwoodは、今後の料理本で取り上げられるレシピをからかいます, ガースブルックスで料理をテストする方法を共有します

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カントリースターと彼女のコラボレーターと妹が, ベス, 彼女のナッシュビルの家で初めてそれらを作りました, 二人の男が働いた後に台所に入ったとき、彼らはブルックスと彼の仲間に何が入っていたかを伝えませんでした。.

New Superman will be revealed as bisexual in an upcoming DC Comics issue

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For those unfamiliar with the current continuity of DC Comics, there are currently two heroes operating as Superman. One is Clark Kent, who originally debuted in comic books in 1938. The second is his and Louis Lane’...

The new Superman comes out as bisexual in an upcoming comic

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Superman's done it all, ほとんど. He's saved the world more than a few times. He's died and come back to life. He dodged punches from Muhammed Ali and even faced off against White supremacists. Until this year, thoug...

ティモシー・シャラメが次の前日映画のウィリー・ウォンカのコスチュームをデビュー: 「サスペンスはひどいです’

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5月に発表された "砂丘" そして "君の名前で僕を呼んで" 俳優はワーナーブラザースの前日映画で悪名高いショコラティエを描くためにサインオンしました. それは男の育成と起源を探求しますw ...

イルカ’ ジャコビー・ブリセットはチームメイトに「ゲームの意図」について警告します’ トム・ブレイディと, 今後のBucsゲーム

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ブリセットは、メディアが利用可能になっているときに、ブレイディがマイアミに遊びに来ることについて少し頭がおかしいかもしれない仲間のドルフィンズチームメイトに何を言うか尋ねられました. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . 私...

Zac Brown cancels upcoming concerts after testing positive for Covid

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The show will not go on for the Zac Brown Band. Lead singer Zac Brown says he has tested positive for Covid-19 and that the band's Thursday concert at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Michigan has been canceled. "私は持っています ...

Sam Asghari questions motives behind upcoming Britney Spears docs after past films left a ‘bad aftertaste

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アスガリ, 27, posted a statement on his Instagram story hours before the FX documentary, "ブリトニースピアーズの管理," was set to premiere on Hulu as a follow-up to "Framing Britney Spears." "Apparently my opinion has...

Nick Diaz says he ‘never enjoyed fighting,’ resents upcoming bout in UFC return: ‘This should not happen

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The former welterweight champion sat down with ESPN to talk about his return to fighting at UFC 266 土曜日, when he will take on Lawler for the second time in his career. But during the interview, Diaz gave his ...

Panelist withdraws from upcoming McAuliffe-Youngkin debate after tweets attacking GOP, evangelicals surface

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George Mason University Associate Professor Michael Fauntroy was set to appear alongside local NBC affiliate News4 Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Julie Carey and Telemundo 44 reporter Alberto Pimienta to ask question...

'土曜日の夜のライブ’ キム・カーダシアンを発表, 次のシーズンの最初のホストの中でジェイソン・サダイキス

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NBCは水曜日にウィルソンが, 次の映画で主演しているのは誰ですか "フレンチディスパッチ," 10月に第47シーズンを開くために初めてショーを主催します. 2. ケイシー・マスグレイブスがミュージカルゲストになります. ホイ...

'ワイヤー’ クリエーターのデビッド・シモンが中絶法をめぐってテキサスから次のHBOシリーズを引っ張る

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"ワイヤー" 州で可決された物議を醸す中絶法のため、クリエイターのデビッド・シモンはテキサスで今後のHBOシリーズを撮影しません, 彼はツイッターで発表した. "雇用主として, これは政治を超えています," サイモンwro ...

Canelo Álvarez, Caleb Plant throw punches at news conference promoting upcoming fight

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Plant left the news conference with a cut underneath his right eye. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . The fight broke out after both champions had a verbal exchange during their face-off before the news conf...

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