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Scott Drew’s vow upon coming to Baylor in 2003 resurfaces as team wins first national title

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Baylor had been engulfed in controversy at the start of the Drew era. Carlton Dotson was arrested and later convicted of murdering teammate Patrick Dennehy. Former coach Dave Bliss was found to have made improper pay...

The NFL is providing free PPE kits to Super Bowl attendees upon arrival at the stadium

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Everything has been impacted by the spread of Covid-19, even the most important football game of the year. Thousands of fans will be traveling to Tampa, Florida, as the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fa...

Il riabilitatore della fauna selvatica di New York si imbatte in un cigno ferito, trasportandolo per due ore attraverso la città al sicuro

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Ariel Cordova-Rojas, residente a New York e riabilitatore della fauna selvatica, ha deciso che voleva immergersi nella natura il giorno prima di 30, così ha guidato la sua bicicletta da Harlem al Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge ...

The holiday everyone needs right now is upon us: Fat Bear Week

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Fat Bear Week -- the one time a year where you can openly and proudly cheer for your favorite chubby bear -- è tornato. The annual competition, held by Katmai National Park in Alaska, crowns the fattest bear in the s...