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World leaders condemn violence at U.S. 国会大厦, urge orderly transfer of power

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close Video Biden on Capitol breach: Democracy under 'unprecedented assault' President-elect condemns 'scenes of chaos' in Washington, says demonstrations 'border on sedition' World leaders expressed concern ov...

安德鲁·麦卡锡(Andrew McCarthy): 特朗普煽动’ 国会山暴力, 需要敦促他的支持者“回家’

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关闭视频安迪·麦卡锡(Andy McCarthy)在国会福克斯新闻社遭到破坏后炸毁了亲特朗普的抗议者,呼吁特朗普总统告诉支持者们“回家并平息”“比尔·海默报告”的前任部长。.

名人敦促球迷在佐治亚州径流选举中投票否决: ‘现在赢这个东西’

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关闭Video Fox News一月份娱乐新闻头条 4 Fox News Flash娱乐和名人头条新闻在这里. 看看今天娱乐圈的点击情况. 星星越来越大了。.

拜登官员在“第一天”呼吁保持谨慎’ 移民变化, 说有些会花时间’

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关闭Video Biden首先要优先考虑移民 100 天ICE前代办主任汤姆·霍曼(Tom Homan)对“福克斯 &安培; 朋友的总统当选人拜登创造‘完美风暴’的‘失控’边界. ...

Immigrant advocates urge Biden to quickly rectify the trauma of family separation

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Immigrant advocacy groups, who for years scrambled to identify and reunite families separated at the US-Mexico border, are now preparing for the incoming administration and steps to rectify the trauma experienced by...

实时更新: 拜登说,他将敦促美国人戴口罩, 服用疫苗

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关闭Biden视频触发器,了解是否必须强制使用COVID疫苗Foxhall心脏病学首席执行官Dr. 表示,“英格拉哈姆的角度”总统当选人拜登拉敏Oskoui周五做出反应,他将呼吁美国人要我们...

Michigan state lawmakers urge Lions to hire 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh as next head coach

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关闭Video Fox News Flash 12月的头条新闻 4 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. Michigan state lawmakers are going to bat for Detroit Lions fans and hopi...

亲特朗普律师西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell), 林伍德(Lin Wood)敦促格鲁吉亚人不要在参议院投票中保持不变

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close视频特朗普的遗产在佐治亚州参议院决选期间“处于砧板上”: 《华尔街日报》的Bill McGurn说,在共和党领导的参议院领导下,拜登的目标要实现“困难得多”. Pro ...

Hispanic lawmakers urge Biden to pick Lujan Grisham for HHS

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Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have sent a letter to President-elect Joe Biden's transition team lobbying for New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to be nominated for the role of health and human ser...

Former GOP national security officials urge Trump to concede

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close Video Progressives fighting for roles in Biden administration Democratic media campaign advisor Kevin Walling and Peter Chowka, investigative journalist on progressive groups launching a pressure campaign o...

California donors to urge Newsom to fill VP-elect Kamala HarrisSenate seat with woman of color: 报告

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close Video California assemblyman blasts Gov. Newsom for 'arbitrary' COVID rules California State Assemblyman James Gallagher weighs in on Gov. Gavin Newsom enacting stay-at-home orders. A group of about 150 该...

Nurses, hospitals and doctor groups urge public in open letter to ‘celebrate responsiblyduring the holidays to stop Covid-19

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As Covid-19 cases rise across the country, leading U.S. medical and health organizations called on the American public to celebrate safely this holiday season. The American Medical Association (AMA), American Hospit...

Dems urge Trump administration to avoid last-minute rollback of rules, regulations

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关闭视频拜登过渡小组制定冠状病毒行动计划拜登替代品代表. 蒂姆·瑞安(Tim Ryan), 俄亥俄州, 尽管特朗普政府遇到障碍,但团队如何前进. House Democrats ar...


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关闭视频南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)面对众议院民主党核心小组内部的分歧福克斯新闻(Fox News)国会通讯员乍得·珀拉姆(Chad Pergram)面对最新的《比尔·海默报告》,面对多数议员, 众议院领导.

选举结果鼓舞人心地移居加拿大? 使用‘船或飞机,’ 敦促缅因州警察

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关闭Video Fox News与 2020 总统选举在几个州都如此接近, 有人注定对最终结果不满意. 缅因州的警察局推出了一项公共服务。.

Tracy Chapman makes rare TV appearance to urge voting

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Tracy Chapman performed her hit "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" on Monday night's episode of "Late Night with Seth Meyers." The four-time Grammy winner rarely appears on television. Her election eve performance was a mo...

Pennsylvania governor to urge patience around election results in new statewide ad

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Washington Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf will urge residents to be patient for their state's election results in a new advertisement aimed at combating concerns that might come with an elongated counting process in the ...

Protesters in Mexico burn Trump effigy at border, urge Americans to vote Biden

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 1 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. Protesters at the U.S. border in Mexico torched effigies of President Tru...

Senior officials urge Election Day patience, while Trump calls for fast results

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Senior Department of Homeland Security officials on Tuesday urged patience from voters and warned that election results won't likely be known on Election Day this year -- comments that are in contrast with those of ...

Trump allies urge a new focus as his court nominee testifies

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close Video Confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett get underway Fox News chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream has the latest on 'Special Report' Three weeks before Election Day, some of President ...

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