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被害者の義理の姉は18歳の救助に急いで行き、攻撃者がレポ取引をするときに攻撃者をかわし始めました。’ 被害者の義理の姉は18歳の救助に急いで行き、攻撃者がレポ取引をするときに攻撃者をかわし始めました。

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Atlanta’s mayor is urging NBA fans not to come to town for the All-Star Game

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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, referring to the coronavirus pandemic, is urging fans not to throng to Atlanta for the NBA All-Star Game. "Under normal circumstances, we would be extremely grateful for the opportunity t...

He was skeptical of Covid-19. 今, from his hospital bed, he posts videos on social media urging others to wear their masks

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A man who tested positive for the coronavirus after Christmas has posted several videos on social media warning others to wear their masks and learn from his mistake. "I didn't think masks would make that much of a ...

デビッド ハッセルホフ、ドイツ人にワクチン接種を促す PSA ビデオを作成

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デビッド ハッセルホフは、ドイツの保健省によって Twitter で公開されたビデオで、Covid-19 ワクチン接種を受けるようドイツ人に呼びかけています。. ヤシの木と青空を前にカメラに話しかける, インクルード "ベイウォッチ" そして "...

NPR writer doubles down, says he’s ‘proudof panned piece urging Tom Hanks to be an ‘anti-racist

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"Tom Hanks is a non-racist. It's time for him to be an anti-racist," the title of Eric Deggans' opinion piece read on Sunday. Deggans begins with the disclaimer that he admires Hanks as an actor and considers him to...

Matt Lucas revives his Boris Johnson spoof, urging viewers to ‘Save Loavesduring ‘Great British Bake Off’ デビュー

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Actor and comedian Matt Lucas brought his famed mimicry skills to "The Great British Bake Off" 火曜日に, kicking off the show's new season with a skit in which he impersonated British Prime Minister Boris Johnson....

College coaches, administrators urging players to vaccinate

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The thinking was that one of the most popular people in Alabama might help since the state has one of the lowest percentages of vaccinated people in the nation. The video shows cheerleaders, the Big Al mascot and sce...

ロシアの兵士は彼らの学校を壊しました. それから彼らは平和を促す生徒たちにメッセージを残したと言われています

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ウクライナ軍がKatyuzhankaの支配を取り戻したとき, 3月に1か月以上ロシアの占領下にあったキーウの北の村, 彼らは地元の学校が大破したのを見つけました. なかった機器...

Schumer joins dozens of Democrats in urging Biden admin to halt deportations to Haiti, end Title 42

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バイデン大統領への手紙の中で, より多い 100 議員, 担当者が率いる. コリブッシュ, D-Mo., とセン. コリーブッカー, D-N.J。, expressed "deep concern over the treatment of Black migrants." MIGRANTS ON MEXICO'S SOUTHERN BORDER...

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin roasted over COVID about-face after urging Americans to ‘stop agonizingover cases

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ルービン, who has become known for her turn to boosting Democrats after once holding conservative views, has pushed vaccines, ブースター, 批判された "covid-19 denial and anti-mandate hysteria" and blamed former President ...


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手紙は下院共和党のリーダー、ケビン・マッカーシーによって送られました, R-Calif。, 下院司法委員会ランキングメンバージムジョーダン, R-オハイオ, 下院教育労働委員会ランキングメンバーVirginiaFoxx, R-N.C. "私たちb ...

Russia continues to amass new troops near Ukraine’s border despite Biden urging Putin to de-escalate tensions

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Russia has continued to amass new troops near Ukraine's border in recent days, despite President Joe Biden urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to de-escalate tensions during a virtual meeting last week. More Ru...

COVID-cautious freak out at CNN medical analyst for urging large events to ‘still go on’

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Prominent Twitter users, including doctors and liberal journalists, accused Wen of "危険な," "repulsive" messaging that is "殺害" people in response. MAINE SEN. SUSAN COLLINS TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, IS EXP...

アフガニスタンの余波: 民主党員はブリンケンに手紙を送り、アメリカ市民の安全な帰還を促します, SIVホルダー

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この手紙は、国務省が推定しているものよりも少ないと推定しているものを救出するための呼びかけの中で届きます 250 アメリカ人は最後の米国の後に国で立ち往生しました. 8月前に軍隊が去った. 31. 他の議員や機関はtを推定します。.

Protests break out in front of WH urging Biden to take firmer stance on Cuba

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The Biden administration has announced its support of the protesters and has also leveled sanctions. The Miami Herald reported that even the protesters had different expectations of what the word "もっと" actually mean...

Northwestern distances itself from former lecturer after controversial op-ed urging Jill Biden to drop ‘Dr.’ 題名

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Washington Northwestern University is distancing itself from a former lecturer who called on incoming first lady Jill Biden to stop using the "Dr." honorific because she has a doctorate in education, not an MD. ザ・ ...

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