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Instagram fixes function that promoted harmful diet terms to users with eating disorders

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The app’s new function provides suggested topics when users tap on the search bar. Those suggestions cover a variety of topics including "healing sounds," "home office" of "oil painting." Egter, Instagram -- watter ...

Media style guide saying to avoid the term ‘mistressmocked by social media users

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The Associated Press Stylebook, which has traditionally set standards for language usage within the media landscape, mystified Twitter users Tuesday when it tweeted a reality-bending, wrist-slapping admonishment. "D ...

Hailey Baldwin recalls being ‘so upsetabout TikTok user’s comment that she is rude

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The 24-year-old model spoke to Dr. Jessica Clemons on her new YouTube channel and reflected on the viral moment and what she learned from it. "When I saw her video I was so upset," Baldwin explained. "There's never ...

Reddit really did run a Super Bowl adand it referenced when its users disrupted Wall Street

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Geen, it wasn't a glitch -- for some Super Bowl viewers, a Reddit commercial really did pop up on the screen. The spot, which was just five seconds, opened as if it were a car commercial, but then quickly then flashed...

US kindergarten kids who act out more likely to be heavy online users later, studie sê

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(The Conversation)Specific groups of kindergartners in the US are more likely to be frequent users of social networking, online gaming or messaging by the end of fifth grade, according to our new study in the journa...

Users turned ‘Ratatouilleinto a TikTok musical. Nou, it will become a benefit for Broadway

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What started as a one-off video for Disney fans turned into one of TikTok's most successful trends. Nou, "Ratatouille: A TikTok Musical" is getting as close to Broadway as the pandemic will allow. The production, e ...