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Cuomo uses vaccine presser to cite year from ‘hellover personal scandals

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During the event Cuomo encouraged New Yorkers to get vaccinated as eligibility expanded to residents aged 16 and over. He also detailed his personal torment over some of the tough choices he faced over the past year...

Harris uses UN speech to champion women’s role in democracy

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Kamala Harris declared "the status of women is the status of democracy" martedì, in her first speech before the United Nations as the first female vice president of the United States. "Eleanor Roosevelt, who sha...

La campagna di Trump raccoglie fondi dalla conferenza stampa Giuliani e utilizza la foto di Trump in ospedale

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La campagna Trump ha inviato venerdì un'altra email di raccolta fondi ai sostenitori, firmato dal presidente Donald Trump, lodando la conferenza stampa ampiamente stroncata del suo avvocato Rudy Giuliani questa settimana e presentando una foto di ...

Bus passenger uses live snake as a face mask

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Transportation officials in the UK have warned commuters not to use live snakes as face coverings, after a bus passenger was spotted with a large reptile wrapped around his head. The man raised eyebrows during his ...

Chris Evans uses that NSFW pic for a patriotic purpose

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This is one of those stories that you are going to have to use Google to get the full picture. Here's what we can say: Durante il fine settimana, Chris Evans appeared to accidentally leak a not suitable for work photo on hi...