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Canada launches proof of vaccination credential for international travel

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Canada is launching a standardized proof of vaccination credential in the coming weeks for both domestic and international travel. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement outside a children's...

San Francisco sluit In-N-Out af omdat dit nie die mandaat van die jab nie afdwing nie: 'Ons weier om die inentingspolisie te word’

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Die departement van openbare gesondheid in San Francisco het die Fisherman's Wharf In-N-Out-lokasie op 10 Oktober gesluit. 14 nadat die gewilde hamburgertjie nie die inentingstatus van kliënte nagegaan het nie, wat 'n August manda skend ...

Biden to update public on national vaccination program and pandemic response

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President Joe Biden on Thursday will highlight the ongoing work on Covid-19 vaccine booster shots and tout the effectiveness of vaccination requirements as he updates the public on his administration's response to t...

Suurlemoen van CNN, Cuomo klap die NBA -ster Kyrie Irving oor die stryd teen inentingsstatus: 'Dra die gevolge’

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Tydens die oorhandiging tussen hul onderskeie programme, die liberale leërskare was dit eens, hoewel Irving die persoonlike keuse gehad het om te besluit of hy die entstof sou neem of nie, hy sou nog moes "ly aan die gevolge ...

Putin says Russia needs to speed up vaccination for Covid-19

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Moscow Russia must accelerate Covid-19 vaccinations, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated on Tuesday as the country recorded its highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic. Addressing newly ele...

Nets ban Kyrie Irving from team over vaccination status

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Nets general manager Sean Marks released a statement confirming Irving’s status with the team amid controversy that the Nets’ star player is reportedly unwilling to get the vaccine. IRVING COULD JOIN NETS AT PRACTIC...

New Jersey teacher says her stomach was ‘churningfollowing union demand to log studentsvaccination status

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Die video, produced by the vaccine equity nonprofit Made to Save as well as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Educators Association (NEA), reportedly instructs teachers to upload their conver...

With some ‘more open to conspiracy theories,’ vaccination rates of English Premier League players remain shrouded in mystery

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While the likes of the NFL are leading the way in public vaccine advocacy and transparency -- the league said it had reached a vaccination rate of over 90% among players by late September -- the uptake among footbal...

Nets star Kyrie Irving will be able to practice with his team, but won’t be able to play home games due to vaccination status

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Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving will be allowed to practice at the team's facility in New York City, but still won't be able to play in Nets' home games at Barclays Center because of the city's vaccine mandate, a Ci...

NBA vaccination rate climbing, now to 95%

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The leaguewide rate is now around 95% when counting those who are now at least in the vaccination process, said the person, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because neither the NBA nor the ...

GOP Senators introduce bill to block federal agencies from requiring COVID-19 vaccination

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Text of the legislation, named the Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act, says it prohibits "the Department of Transportation and other agencies from promulgating rules requiring a per...

Colorado nurse ‘heartbrokenover losing job after refusing COVID vaccination

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Destiny Carpenter said her last shift was on Sept. 13 at Colorado Canyons Hospital after she was informed she would have to get vaccinated by the end of the month. Carpenter said her boss approached her earlier this...

'N Hospitaalstelsel in Noord -Carolina is afgevuur 175 werknemers wat nie die Covid-19-inentingsreël gevolg het nie. Oor 99% van sy werkers daaraan voldoen

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Nuwe gesondheid, 'n nie-winsgewende stelsel van Noord-Carolina van 15 mediese sentrums met meer as 2,300 dokters, het vandeesweek gesê dat dit ongeveer beëindig is 175 werknemers omdat hulle nie die verpligte Covid-19-entstof nakom nie..

State police union sues over governor’s vaccination mandate

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The union's lawsuit filed last week asks for the delay so the union can "negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment." An attorney for the State Police Association of Massachusetts told the judge that Bake...

LA County will require proof of vaccination or negative test at bars, nightclubs, and events

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"This modified health officer order aligns with the continued need to reduce risk of transmission and increase vaccination coverage," County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said during a Board of Supervisor...

Buffalo Bills to require proof of vaccination from fans

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The rules will be the same for Buffalo Sabres games at the KeyBank Center when the NHL season gets under way next month. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The change comes after reports from fans about lax m...

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