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Un año después de las primeras vacunas., Vuelven las restricciones de coronavirus

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Ha pasado exactamente un año desde las primeras inyecciones de la vacuna Covid-19, pero el aumento del número de casos y las hospitalizaciones están llevando a las ciudades y estados a introducir nuevos mandatos y restricciones. En California, máscaras wil ...

Austria to enter lockdown, bring in mandatory vaccinations

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Schallenberg said the lockdown will start Monday and initially last for 10 dias. Most stores will close, and cultural events will be canceled. He initially said all students would have to go back into homeschooling. ...

Neil Cavuto talks battle with COVID, urges vaccinations: ‘Take the political speaking points and toss them

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Cavuto, gran cantidad de "Your World with Neil Cavuto," tested positive for the coronavirus last week yet credited his vaccination with having made the battle more bearable. Cavuto was a vulnerable candidate for the virus, ha...

Beijing 2022: Mandatory vaccinations required for Canadian Olympic athletes

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Canadian athletes looking to compete for Team Canada at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics this February will need to be fully vaccinated in order to make the team and participate in the Games. The Canadian Olympic Co...

Gobernador. Newsom announces California first state to require COVID vaccinations for K-12 students

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Newsom announced the vaccine mandate while speaking at a San Francisco-area school, saying all eligible students will be required to be vaccinated before attending class. The current plan would require students older...

Idaho governor and lieutenant feud over vaccinations

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As coronavirus cases spike in the state, Gobernador. Brad Little's office disclosed Tuesday that he was mobilizing the National Guard again and adding hundreds of new medical personnel for state hospitals. And with hospital...

NBA requiring Covid-19 vaccinations for referees and others who work with players

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Less than two months ahead of the regular season tip-off, the NBA says it's requiring referees and other personnel who work with players during the 2021-22 season to be fully vaccinated. "All referees must be fully ...

NASCAR star says asking about vaccinations like asking about vasectomies

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He said he watches where he goes and who he’s with and this week canceled three public appearances. He also went a step further and got vaccinated. Corey LaJoie became an example of what can happen to unvaccinated NA...

Los Raiders requerirán prueba de las vacunas COVID-19 para asistir a los juegos en casa

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Dado que esos fanáticos ya habrán demostrado que han sido vacunados, no tendrán que usar máscaras durante el juego. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Será interesante ver cómo van las cosas para Raid..

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot recommending coronavirus masks for residents over 2, regardless of vaccinations

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"Based on our current COVID-19 data, we're now recommending that everyone over 2 años, independientemente del estado de vacunación, wear masks in public indoor settings," her city-run account tweeted Tuesday. "Get vaxxed."...

'Reporte especial’ All-Star panel on COVID-19 origins, vacunas

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MIKE EMANUEL, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX:Con ese, traigamos nuestro panel. Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen. Mara Liasson, national political correspondent of National Public Radio. And Trey Gowdy, former congressman fr...

White House touts uptick in COVID vaccinations amid renewed mandates, Delta spread

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Cyrus Shahpar, the White House's COVID-19 Data Director, took to Twitter to celebrate a "big Friday" where the number of newly vaccinated people hit its highest daily rate since July 1. And Saturday's new vaccinat...

Both B1G Michigan schools mandating vaccinations

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University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel sent the mass memo to anticipated students and personnel on Friday, cautioning that returning Wolverines must either: a.) Submit proof of vaccination (one or two doses)...

Pentagon call COVID-19 a threat to national security, weighs making vaccinations a requirement

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The Biden administration has not said it will require COVID-19 vaccines for federal workers and the military but will force those who are unvaccinated to take frequent tests and take additional steps to prevent infec...

Sean Penn won’t return to ‘Gaslitset unless all cast and crew receive Covid vaccinations

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Sean Penn will not return to the set of his new show "Gaslit" until the entire cast and crew have received Covid vaccinations, the star's representative confirmed to CNN on Friday. Penn plays the role of Attorney G...

Biden questions parent ‘honestyabout student vaccinations, says it’s a matter of ‘community responsibility

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"It’s going to get a little bit tight in terms of mom or dad being honest that Johnny did or did not get vaccinated. That’s going to raise questions," Biden dijo. "But I think what’s going to happen is you’re going t...

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