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White House warns the US can’t buy updated Covid-19 vaccines ‘for every American who wants onewithout more funding

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White House Covid-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha warned Wednesday that without more funding from Congress the US will not be able to buy enough Covid-19 vaccines for every American who wants an updated shot later thi...

COVID vaccines for America’s youngest kids: FDA sets June meetings

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The meetings are slated for June 8, 21 en 22, but the dates are not final. FDA RELEASES PLAN TO BEN MENTHOL IN CIGARETTES, CIGARS A panel of experts will review applications from vaccine-makers Moderna and Pfizer f...

Biden admin offering vaccines to illegal immigrants despite seeking billions in COVID-19 funding

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The request was first lowered to $ 15.6 billion and then ultimately cut from a $ 1.5 trillion government spending bill, which provides $ 13.6 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. "We have made trem...

Biden administration to offer Covid-19 vaccines to migrants

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The Biden administration will offer Covid-19 vaccines to migrants taken into custody at the US-Mexico border, according to two sources familiar with the planning, and confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security...

When teens blow off pleas to get Covid-19 vaccines, the consequences can be deadly

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Costa Mesa, California Kennedy Stonum, a high school junior, deflected repeated entreaties from her father to please get vaccinated against Covid-19. "I would send her articles. I would send her studies. I would send...

Costa Rica mandated Covid-19 vaccines for children. But not everyone’s on board

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It started as a heated discussion between a father and his son's doctor. But it quickly escalated to a multi-person fist-fight that shocked the nation. Inside the St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Costa Rica's Heredia...

Trump at odds with preferred candidates on Covid vaccines

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Many Donald Trump-backed candidates who have blindly embraced his falsehoods about the 2020 election are showing a rare willingness to buck the former President on a most controversial question: whether or not Ameri...

'Shang-Chi’ star Simu Liu voices support for vaccines after revealing he lost grandparents to Covid

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Simu Liu, the star of Marvel's "Shang-Chi," is voicing his support for Covid-19 vaccines after revealing he lost his grandparents to the virus. Liu took to Twitter, skryfwerk, "I lost my grandparents to COVID last yea...

DeSantis: Biden, Fauci ‘hostileto those focusing on COVID treatments in addition to vaccines

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DeSantis vertel "Lewe, Vryheid & Levin" in an interview airing Sunday that the ongoing barrage of bad press and criticism from Washington is "all political." He stressed he's honestly fighting to provide Floridians...

COVID vaccines ultimately won’t be how we get out of the pandemic: Yale professor

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SAL SAAK: What is your position on the vaccine? Do you find them effective with a good public health resource tool? Are they part of the picture, but just not should be the complete picture? What's your position on ...

Trump’s endorsement of vaccines aligns with most Republicans’ uitsig — but it may be an uphill battle to convince the holdouts

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Former President Donald Trump has recently been vocal about the benefits of vaccination against Covid-19 -- a position that's in line with the overwhelming majority of Americans who've chosen to get vaccinated, inkl..

Nigeria destroys 1M expired donated COVID-19 vaccines

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COVID-19 PANDEMIC: CHINA ISSUES LOCKDOWN OF 13 MILLION PEOPLE Faisal Shuaib, head of Nigeria’s National Primary Health Care Development Agency, said health officials in Africa's most populous country were left with l...

Dr. Oz laments politicization of COVID, vaccines on ‘Hannity

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"You get politics," hy het gesê. "That's why I'm running for the Senate. But we cannot pervert the process of science. Too many [COVID treatment] decisions are made seemingly arbitrarily with a lot of arrogance and not a...

Most parents still have concerns about safety of Covid-19 vaccines for children, opname bevind

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Most parents still have concerns about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines for children, and about three in 10 say that they will "definitely not" vaccinate their children against Covid-19, according a recent survey by ...

Die vermenging van Pfizer- en Moderna-entstowwe gee 'n beter immuunstelselreaksie teen COVID-19, studie bevind

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Die studeerkamer, wat deur navorsers aan die Universiteit van Oxford uitgevoer is, die immuunstelsel reaksies van ondersoek 1,070 vakke wat 'n kombinasie van die Oxford-AstraZeneca geneem het, Pfizer-BioNTech, Novavax, en Moderna va ...

Arkansas gov. versoek COVID-entstowwe, maar is gekant teen federale mandaat: Mense 'bied meer weerstand’ aan mandate

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OMICRON VARIANT: HIER IS WAT BEAMPTES WEET GOV. HUTCHINSON: Mense trek op. Hulle bied meer weerstand as die regerings dit vir hulle sê, ‘dit is wat jy moet doen.’ Ons maak groot vordering deur mediese inligting...

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