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Fauci vague on changing definition of ‘fully vaccinated’: ‘We might modify

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The Centers for Disease Control (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades) last week recommended that all adults aged 18 or older should receive a vaccine booster shot six months after their final shot of a completed vaccine regimen. Connecticut Gov. NORTE...

Florida mom Quisha King worries ‘vagueDOJ memo would quell free speech

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"Intimidating school board members is where they draw the line, but … that's very vague," she told Fox News in an interview Friday. "Who deems what's intimidating? That can be used in many different types of ways." C...

Víctor Davis Hanson: Left’s ‘vagueclaims that America is inherently racist ‘adjudicatedby ‘metrics

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"A minority that makes up a little more than 12 por ciento, does not elect a president of the United States who's Black. A racist society would not allow that," Hanson said. "They would not allow Kamala Harris to be vic...

Tulsi Gabbard warns vague federal definition of ‘domestic extremistswill further endanger civil liberties

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STEYN: There's something very bizarre going on in America right now. Normalmente, the state is very hard to steer, like the titanic. Todavía, all of our key agencies in the so-called intelligence community have turned on a ...