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Tom T. sala, cantante de country y 'Harper Valley P.T.A.’ compositor, muerto en 85

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Su hijo, Dean Hall, confirmó la muerte del músico el viernes en su casa de Franklin, Tennesse. Conocido como "El cuentacuentos" por su letra sin adornos pero incisiva, Hall compuso cientos de canciones. Junto con tal co ...

‘Valley Forge: Washington’s Winter Army’ documents the historic battle in 1777

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"There were food shortages. There were weapon shortages, let alone…they’re in the snow marching [con] bare feet and the diseases that were running rampant through all of the troops…it was all really just to fight fo...

‘Silicon Valleystar Thomas Middleditch ordered to pay ex-wife $2.6 million in divorce settlement: reporte

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The 39-year-old actor, and Gates, 33, a costume designer, reached a settlement in their divorce on April 8, Us Weekly reported. As part of a civil agreement between the two, the actor has been ordered to pay Gates $ ...

Winter storm warnings stretch across Plains, Ohio Valley

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MOST WIDESPREAD DROUGHT IN 9 YEARS EXPECTED TO EXPAND Midwest winter weather alerts (Crédito: Fox News) Heavy snow, ice, inundación, rain and bitter cold air will move into these areas. No...

McIlroy, Rahm forma parte de un empate a tres por el liderato en Caves Valley

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McIlroy embocó un putt de águila desde afuera 10 pies en el par 5 16 en Caves Valley en su camino a un 8-bajo 64, dándole una parte del liderazgo con Jon Rahm y Sam Burns. Tres días después de levantar su horno de tres leñas..

Pronóstico de nieve en las llanuras del norte lo más severo posible para el medio oeste, Valle de Mississippi

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EL TRABAJADOR DE FÁBRICA DE VELAS DE KENTUCKY HABLA; SUPERVIVIENTES DE TORNADO SOSTENEN VIGILIA DE LAS VELAS Amenaza de tormenta severa (Crédito; Fox News) Un fuerte frente frío chocará contra una calidez récord, trayendo el thr ...

‘In the Valley of Sin’: The real story behind the fake sex ring that changed Wenatchee forever

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En diciembre 1994, Mark and Carol Doggett had been accused of raping one of their children after moving to Wenatchee, and were each consequently charged with ten years in state prison. But it never actually happened; ...

Plains, Mississippi Valley will see severe weather, thunderstorms

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NEW MEXICO FIRES EXPECTED TO SPREAD AS RESIDENTS FLEE Plains rain forecast (Crédito: Fox News) Large hail, damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding rainfall will all be possible. Mississipp...

Afghan Resistance leader: Biden’s crisis cost US its dignity; Stranded Americans welcome in Panjshir Valley

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Saleh said he and his supporters have been building an anti-Taliban resistance in the Panjshir Valley, near the Hindu Kush Mountains in northeastern Afghanistan. He told host Sean Hannity that the United States gover...

Destructive weather hits Plains, Midwest as storm risks forecast into Ohio Valley

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SEVERE STORMS, SUSPECTED TORNADOES SLAM GREAT PLAINS, MIDWEST; DAMAGE REPORTED Top wind gust reports (Crédito: Fox News) Más que 400 reports of wind damage with many cities feeling gusts of over 100...

Q&A with Nancy Grace: Crime expert sheds light on the dark story of ‘In the Valley of Sin

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But there was one problem: none of it actually happened. There had been no such sex ring --- a truth that only emerged after 43 parents were arrested and dozens of children were made wards of the state. The harrowi...

Google’s anti-racism program exposed, considered ‘virtuousby Silicon Valley: Rufo

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Host Rachel Campos-Duffy provided graphics that were allegedly created by Google’s diversity and inclusion lead. Among them included the claim that "socially acceptable white supremacy includes things like celebratin...

Wall Street and Silicon Valley must stop bankrolling communist China

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sin embargo, Silicon Valley and Wall Street have continued fueling the rise of the CCP with massive investments and commitments to bolster China’s economy, while eschewing their patriotic duty to take similar steps here ...

‘In the Valley of Sin’: Pastor and wife reveal truth behind false allegations of child sex ring

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In the mid-90s, the Robersons were arrested and charged with raping their four-year-old daughter and then were ultimately acquitted in the Wenatchee, Washington "witch hunt." The couple called the allegations a total...

Unsettled weather forecast for Plains, Mississippi Valley to bring flooding risk

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THE FIRST FREEZE OF THE SEASON: HOW TO PREPARE Heavy rain will be the biggest risk, with areas of flooding. Plains rainfall threat (Crédito: Fox News) Hurricane Sam will pass to the east of Bermuda F...

What will Silicon Valley learn from the Elizabeth Holmes’ juicio?

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Will it? Don't hold your breath. Elizabeth Holmes walks into federal court in San Jose, Calif., lunes, ene. 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Nic Coury)

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