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Will Smith seen dancing at Vanity Fair Oscars party following Chris Rock slap

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Shortly before appearing at the party, Smith slapped Rock across the face on stage after the comedian made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head. sin embargo, once at the after party Smith was mobbed by people film...

Vanity license plates denied by Connecticut, Hawaii DMVs for vulgarity and other issues: reporte

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A new report details the various vanity license plates rejected last year in the state of Connecticut. No es sorprendente, many of the rejected plate requests included some form of profanity, which is not permitted for...

Billie Eilish da la misma entrevista de Vanity Fair por quinto año consecutivo

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Billie Eilish se sentó con Vanity Fair en octubre 18 durante cinco años consecutivos. Basado en la entrevista recientemente publicada., suena la cantante ganadora del Grammy "Mas feliz que nunca." Ese es el título para ella tarde ....

%&*@! Maine bans vulgar vanity license plates

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Actualmente, there are license plates with salty language including f-bombs, references to anatomy and sex acts, and general insults. One license plate says simply, "F—-Y0U" — except that on the plate, it's plainly spe...

Crítico de Vanity Fair acusa a Netflix de 'gaslighting us’ sobre el "transfóbico" de Dave Chappelle’ especial

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El gigante del streaming ha apoyado a Chappelle "Cuanto más cerca," que críticos, incluida Saraiya, han denunciado como "transfóbico" sobre los comentarios que hizo apoyando a J.K. Rowling en ese género se basa de hecho, declarándose a sí mismo ...

Tennessee woman sues after state officials deem vanity license plate ‘offensive

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"When Nashville woman Leah Gilliam purchased a vanity plate to celebrate her interests in astronomy and gaming, it did not occur to her that her constitutionally protected speech could land her in jail," her lawyers ...

Sharon Stone says she was misled about explicit interrogation scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ — Feria de la vanidad

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Sharon Stone says she wasn't warned that her genitals would be exposed in the infamous interrogation scene in "Basic Instinct." In an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir, published in Vanity Fair, the Golden Globe-...

‘Me You Madnessis Louise Linton’s stab at whatever’s beyond a vanity project

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As the wife of Trump administration Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Louise Linton seems to understand there's no separating the art from the artist, so her new movie, "Me You Madness," doesn't try. En lugar de, esta ...