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rappresentante. Jim Jordan shows difference in concern for American woes versus Ukraine’s

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RAPPRESENTANTE. JIM JORDAN: Think about your typical family out there. We got a 41-year-high inflation rate. Everything costs more for the moms and dads and families. Rent costs more, gas costs more, clothes cost more. … I und...

"Gutfeld"!’ su omicron contro delta

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TOM SHILLUE, COLLABORATORE DEL CANALE FOX NEWS: Ciao. Sono Tom Shilue. Greg è morto. Stasera contro l'hosting. Va bene. No, lui sta bene. Si sta solo prendendo una notte libera. Ma tu ami il suo ospite Tom Shilue. Destra, a...

Braves contro Astros: La World Series mette padre contro figlio

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Una World Series non è un evento che ha bisogno di ulteriore pubblicità, ma una dinamica padre contro figlio è comunque una sottotrama benvenuta. La migliore delle sette serie Fall Classic per incoronare il campione della Major League Baseball di quest'anno...

Jim Harbaugh is seeing a big difference in this Michigan squad versus last year

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A change was needed and so far, so good. No. 19 Michigan is 3-0 and has outscored opponents 141-34. Headlines have all been positive and any talk of firing Harbaugh has been shut down up to this point. So what’s the ...

Gutfeld: Biden struck ‘right tonein COVID speech, but returned to ‘us versus them political bifurcation

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Biden urged Americans to get vaccinated while floating the suggestion to private businesses that they make their own policies requiring proof of vaccination for customers to engage in commerce. The president claimed...

Greg Gutfeld: The media game of ‘us versus themwon’t stop with Chauvin’s conviction

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JASON JOHNSON, MSNBC, APRILE 20: It's sort of a cultural make-up call. But I'm not happy. I'm not pleased. I don't have any sense of satisfaction. I don't think this is the system working ... This is the justice syste...