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LA County sheriff rips ‘wokeGascon’s soft on crime policies: His support for victims is ‘too late

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ALEX VILLANUEVA: Everything he claims about supporting victims is after the fact. It’s too little, te laat. Because as soon as he came into office it was all about activists, Swart lewens maak saak, the woke policies of...

How you can help victims of the Tonga tsunami and volcano

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A massive volcanic eruption took place on January 15 oor 20 miles from the islands of Tonga. The eruption left much of the country covered in volcanic ash and caused a tsunami that led to flooding. Because of the ...

Cardi B will pay the funeral expenses for the Bronx apartment fire victims

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday that the Grammy-winning rapper had offered financial relief for victims of the fire. The rapper grew up in the Bronx and holds a special connection to the area. Man...

Lawrence Jones on nationwide crime spike: Many DAs are putting criminals before actual victims

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MOTHER OF SLAIN NYC CASHIER DEMANDS JUSTICE, CALLS ON BURGER KING TO DO MORE LAWRENCE JONES: What we've seen consistently is a lot of these people on the street don't want help. You offer them services, they don't wa...

Loudoun County says it’s withholding sexual assault investigation report to avoid ‘retraumatizing’ slagoffers

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Vroeër hierdie week, a judge sentenced a Loudoun County teenager charged with sexual assault at two separate high schools. The judge found the boy guilty on Wednesday, and ordered him to register as a sex offender, as ...

NYC’s Bronx fire tragedy: Archbishop visits scene of horror, officials share ways public can help victims

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan said Monday morning that he was exploring ways in which the Archdiocese of New York might be able to help those who were displaced or otherwise affected by the Sunday morning tragedy. "It doesn...

Here are ways you can help the victims of the Bronx Fire

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Op Januarie 9, 2022, an electric space heater sparked a fire in a Bronx apartment building that killed 17 mense, eight of them children. New York City's fire commissioner said it is one of the worst fires in the cit...

Families of NY nursing home victims slam Manhattan DA for dropping Cuomo probe: ‘Shady and fishy

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"What I would say to the new D.A. is start out with why was the strategy of the Cuomo administration to send positive patients to nursing homes as the only strategy rather than the absolute last?" Peter Arbeeny told ...

Greg Gutfeld: The media now appropriates the pain of real victims

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Kat: unlike Greg when he sits in this chair, I don't need a booster right now// Kat: that's right, a cultural reference that is newer than 40 jaar oud - you won't get that with Greg Gutfeld // Emily: is Greg tied u...

Texas’ largest county sees more than 150 killed by suspects out on bonds, victims group says

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In Harris County, home to Houston, the largest city in the state, daar is 113 defendants charged with capital murder that been granted bond, Rania Mankarious, Uitvoerende hoof van Crime Stoppers of Houston, aan Fox News gesê. The gr...

Hoe jy hulp kan gee of ontvang vir slagoffers van Colorado se veldbrande

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Met niks anders as die klere op hul rug nie, duisende mense in die noorde van Sentraal-Colorado het uit hul huise gevlug toe intense brande uitgebreek het. Die vlamme het amper geskroei 2,000 hektaar, laat as en onsekerheid waar hy ...

As prosecutors mull charges in Naples tiger attack, zoo chief says he forgives victim’s ‘bad mistake

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Authorities are considering charges against a man attacked by a tiger after entering an unauthorized area after hours at a Naples, Florida, zoo, leaving a deputy no choice but to kill the critically endangered cat. ...

Dit is onwaarskynlik dat Maxwell haar 'goeie vriende' sal aanskakel: Prokureur vir slagoffers van seksmisbruik

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Maxwell se skuldigbevinding sluit vyf aanklagte in die federale sekshandelsaak in. Een van die aanklagte, sekshandel van 'n minderjarige, kan 'n maksimum van dra 40 jare tronkstraf. Nog 'n skuldigbevinding dra 'n maksimum van 10, 'n ...

Second CNN producer under ‘criminal investigationinvolving ‘potential juvenile victims

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Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital a criminal investigation has been launched "into serious allegations involving potential juvenile victims" en dit "detectives assigned to the Chi...

Kentucky-verdagtes in hegtenis geneem vir diefstal van tornado-slagoffers: polisie

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Die diefstalle het plaasgevind sowat 'n week nadat 'n dodelike storm die staat getref het, doodmaak ten minste 78 mense en vernietig meer as 1,000 huise. Balju se adjunkte het Vrydagmiddag 'n verslag van verdagte aktiwiteite ontvang..

Kentucky’s missing tornado victims have been accounted for, governor says

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Ten minste 78 people have died in the state – among 92 across several states -- after twisters ripped through parts of the Midwest and South. "That’s just a huge number of Kentuckians to lose," het die demokraat gesê, call...

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