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Tony-toekennings 2022 viewing guide

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The Tony Awards will return to Radio City Music Hall on Sunday for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. It's Broadway's biggest event of the year, celebrating the best theater on the Great White Way. "West S...

Viewing Monkeypox through the lens of COVID is not correct, there is no pandemic potential: Dr. Amish Adalja

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DR.AMISH ADALJA: This is something we have dealt with before. What’s interesting about this outbreak that’s occurring now is it's transmitting person to person with people who haven’t been to any of the endemic areas...

TV OT: Joyful holiday viewing, plus Netflix celebratesgoing to the movies?

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TV OT kyk weekliks na wat die vermaaklikheidspan van CNN kyk, aangesien te veel televisie ons almal oortyd laat werk. O, the weather outside is...pleasant, eintlik. But I live in Los Angeles. If you don't: Hierdie ...

Greg Gutfeld advises the media to ‘stop viewing everything through the lens of race

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"One thing that's also interesting is that we're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow as a country, and we give thanks for our nation and our system [van] a trial by jury. It's sometimes … slow and it takes a long time –...

TikTok surpasses YouTube in viewing time per user

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If video killed the radio star, TikTok may be replacing YouTube as the latest launching pad for young fame. Social media consumers in the UK and US are spending more time on TikTok than YouTube, a new report suggest...

Biden om die besigtiging van onlangs oorlede jarelange assistent by te woon

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Lank vir die president gewerk vir meer as 30 jare, eerste by sy senatoriale herverkiesingsveldtog in 1977 voordat hy die volgende jaar 'n permanente lid van sy personeel word. Sy het toe die veldtogtrein teruggegee..

Daunte Wright funeral planned for Thursday after mourners attend Wednesday viewing

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Die skeidsregter. Al Sharpton is set to deliver the eulogy during the funeral, which will be held at Shiloh Temple International Ministries and is set to begin at noon CT. It was unclear whether the funeral would be a public ...