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The coronavirus is making it harder for domestic violence victims to find a place to live, a study shows

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As states across the country rush to curb the surge in coronavirus cases, once again the safest place for anyone to be is home. But for victims of domestic violence, homes is far from a safe haven. The coronavirus h...

Undercover NYPD officer arrests woman who allegedly yelled anti-Asian slurs and threatened violence

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New York An undercover officer with the New York Police Department arrested a woman yelling anti-Asian slurs at a Chinatown nail salon, according to city officials. Sharon Williams, 50, allegedly went into the nail s...

Biden faces criticism from Democrats and Republicans over escalating Israeli-Palestinian violence

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Lawmakers from vastly different ends of the political spectrum have taken aim at Biden and his administration over the growing violence in the region, calling out the president on the violence in the region — albeit ...

NYC, Chicago see another wave of weekend gun violence

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A spokesperson for the New York City Police Department told Fox News that there were at least 16 shooting incidents and 5 homicides in the Big Apple just on Friday and Saturday. Según el New York Post, cual...

Portland struggles to find officers for gun violence unit: Union rep slams city’s liberal leaders

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Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner joined "zorro & Amigos primero" martes, and spoke about the struggle to fill the void in the police department. "The officers have not been supported by elected ...

Brian Laundrie encontró: Gobernador. DeSantis ‘committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent domestic violence

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"The governor is committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent domestic violence, support survivors and ensure justice for victims," Christina Pushaw, DeSantis's press secretary, told Fox News Thursday. Human r...

Tennessee es el último estado en exigir a los estilistas que completen la capacitación sobre violencia doméstica

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A continuación de este artículo se incluye una lista de recursos para víctimas de violencia doméstica.. La relación entre un estilista y un cliente puede ser mucho más que simplemente alguien para cortar y dar forma al cabello., por eso Tennessee es el ...

Dante Barksdale, who worked for more than a decade to keep Baltimore’s streets safe from gun violence, is shot and killed

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Dante Barksdale spent the past decade and a half helping to keep Baltimore's neighborhoods safe from gun violence. El domingo, Barksdale -- who has been described as the "heart and soul" of the city's Safe Streets pr...

Tomi Lahren blasts ‘vile excuse for a human beingMaxine Waters for ‘inciting violencein Minnesota

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LAHREN: All the left has been wanting to talk about for the last several months is January 6, a single day. Let's recall that Donald Trump was deplatformed from all of social media for encouraging his supporters to p...

Labor secretary denies he knew about domestic violence allegations against Boston police commissioner he appointed while mayor

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Labor Secretary Martin Walsh has denied he was aware of domestic violence allegations against the Boston Police commissioner when he appointed him to that position. Walsh tapped Dennis White for the job shortly afte...

Violencia de Filadelfia: Chica entre 2 muerto en tiroteos; 8 daño

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La niña fue encontrada sufriendo una herida de bala alrededor 9:30 pm. después de que la policía respondiera a un informe de una persona con un arma en una casa en el vecindario Kingsessing de la ciudad. La llevaron de urgencia al Hospital Infantil..

Laura Ingraham in L.A.: Special LAPD unit making impact on gang violence, crimen

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She interviewed LAPD Sgt. Ronald Kingi, a 27-year veteran of the force, who shared how the special unit was able to help transform a Los Angeles park. "A couple of years ago, this park was overrun by Black and Hispan...

Darrell Brooks’ Publicaciones de Facebook pidieron violencia contra los blancos, apoyo a Hitler

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"COMPORTAMIENTO APRENDIDO Y ENSEÑADO!! así que cuando empezamos bakk knokkin la gente blanca TF out ion quiere escucharlo ... la vieja gente blanca 2, KNOKK DEM TF FUERA!! PERÍODO..," Brooks escribió en Facebook en junio 9, 2020 acompañado del middl ...

The UK is facing a reckoning on gender-based violence. Boris Johnson’s government has botched its response

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Londres "Where is she going?" an officer asks, pointing to my producer as she dives into the crowd around Clapham's bandstand just moments after London's Metropolitan Police begin to move in. "To get our camerawoman,"...

'La Costa de Jersey’ star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro arrested on domestic violence allegation

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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, a cast member of MTV's reality television show "La Costa de Jersey," has been arrested on a domestic violence allegation, según el Departamento de Policía de Los Ángeles. "He was arrested on April 22 a...

Talk of overturning the 2020 election on new social media platforms used by QAnon followers sparks fears of further violence

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Online conversation among Trump supporters and QAnon followers on new and emerging social media platforms is creating concern on Capitol Hill that President Donald Trump's continued perpetuation of the falsehood tha...

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