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Brian Laundrie encontró: Gobernador. DeSantis ‘committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent domestic violence

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"The governor is committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent domestic violence, support survivors and ensure justice for victims," Christina Pushaw, DeSantis's press secretary, told Fox News Thursday. Human r...

Women’s groups lose legal battle over UK’s falling rape prosecutions as nation grapples with gender-based violence

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London Campaigners have lost a challenge against the UK's prosecution service over the dramatically falling rate of rape prosecutions, at a critical juncture for women's rights in the country. The UK Court of Appeal ...

Entrenador de béisbol juvenil muerto en tiroteo en carretera: El jefe de policía de MN lamenta "trágico", sin sentido’ violencia

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En una entrevista en "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos," el jefe de policía de Plymouth describió la escena como una de las cosas más trágicas que había visto en su carrera. "En mi corto tiempo como jefe de policía con mi carrera de 20 años en la policía ....

Columbus FOP president claims the demonization of police has ’emboldenedcriminals to commit acts of violence

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FOP PRESIDENT KEITH FERRELL: It doesn't fit an agenda that's being pushed around this entire country. Certainly in Ohio, here in Columbus, the same day we had this tragic shooting that the officer was involved in, we...

NFL star Richard Sherman arrested in domestic violence case, la policía dice

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NFL star Richard Sherman was arrested early Wednesday as part of a domestic violence investigation, Redmond, Washington, la policía dijo. The former San Francisco 49ers cornerback was being held at King County Correcti...

Candace Owens slams left for pinning rising violence on White supremacy: ‘It’s so painfully dishonest’

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Owens: They don't want to tell people the truth, derecho? You brought up father absence. Por supuesto, that's a truth that would really hit home about how we need to get these families together. They're not interested in ...

Three French police officers shot dead after responding to a domestic violence incident

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Paris Three police officers have been shot dead and a fourth has been injured following a domestic violence incident in central France, local prosecutors told CNN affiliate BFM TV. The officers from the Gendarmerie N...

The coronavirus is making it harder for domestic violence victims to find a place to live, a study shows

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As states across the country rush to curb the surge in coronavirus cases, once again the safest place for anyone to be is home. But for victims of domestic violence, homes is far from a safe haven. The coronavirus h...

On this day 100 hace años que, a White mob unleashed the deadliest Election Day violence in US history

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Ha sido 100 years since the Ocoee Massacre, a dark and often overlooked chapter in American history. En noviembre 2, 1920, African American residents of Ocoee, Florida, went out to cast their ballots in the preside...

Treaties alone can’t protect women from violence

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Rahila Gupta is an author and journalist. She has written several books, incluso "Don't Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong" y "Enslaved: The New British Slavery." Follow her on Twitter: @RahilaG. The opinions...

Fury over brutal beating in Brazil amid pattern of ‘daily’ violencia, los activistas dicen

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Sao Paulo Brazilians outraged by the death of a Black man after being beaten by supermarket security guards have been protesting in major cities across the country, chanting a phrase familiar to Americans: "I can't b...

A Confederate statue is coming down today in the Virginia city of deadly ‘Unite the Right’ violencia

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The statue of a Confederate soldier, flanked by a cannon and ammunition, has stood at the county courthouse in Charlottesville, Virginia, desde 1909, más que 40 years after the Civil War. It was christened "At Rea...

Portland se tambalea por la violencia de las pandillas en medio de llamadas para retirar fondos a la policía: "La gente tiene miedo’

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A partir del jueves, ha habido 37 homicidios en la ciudad más grande de Oregón en lo que va del año, más de seis veces el número registrado en el mismo período el año pasado, según The Associated Press. El año actual de la ciudad..

El rapero sueco Einar asesinado a tiros 19, avivar la indignación por la violencia de las pandillas

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Uno de los raperos más populares de Suecia fue asesinado a tiros en Estocolmo a última hora del jueves., aumento de la indignación por la violencia relacionada con las pandillas que ha afectado al país nórdico en los últimos años. solo, 19, cuyo nombre real era N ...

A Wisconsin County cut funding to a domestic violence shelter that showed support for Black Lives Matter

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When Embrace, a Wisconsin-based domestic violence shelter, put up Black Lives Matter signs in its offices earlier this summer, employees expected it would prompt tough conversations from people in the community. Los...

US places travel restrictions on Nigerians involved in violence and rigging during elections

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The US government has placed travel restrictions on Nigerians who undermine "democratic process or organize election-related violence" during elections. This latest move follows a decision in January 2019 to deny v...

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