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Fury over brutal beating in Brazil amid pattern of ‘daily’ 暴力, 活動家は言う

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Sao Paulo Brazilians outraged by the death of a Black man after being beaten by supermarket security guards have been protesting in major cities across the country, chanting a phrase familiar to Americans: "I can't b...

How does America’s gun violence cycle end?

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もう一度, officials around the country are lowering American flags. At President Joe Biden's direction, flags have again been ordered to fly at half-staff. It marks yet another grim tragedy, two weeks after Presid...

Obama education secretary decries violence Palestinian children facing from Gaza strikes

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Duncan, who served as head of the Department of Education from 2009 に 2016 under President Obama, shared a video on Twitter of a 10-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza crying over the rocket attacks that had left a bu...

Fear shakes Mexico border city after violence leaves 18 デッド

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While this city across the border from McAllen, Texas is used to cartel violence as a key trafficking point, インクルード 14 victims in Saturday's attacks appeared to be what Tamaulipas Gov. Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca ca...

American mom trapped by Taliban describes horrific violence, pleads for Biden to solve evacuation crisis

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"I really have given up hope, given up on the hope of going to the airport," the woman, whose identity is being withheld due to concerns for her safety, フォックスニュースに語った. "It’s just not possible to make it through all t...

Chicago neighborhoods being overlooked for violence prevention funds for having ‘too much wealth’: 議員

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担当者. Jaime Andrade, a Democrat representing the 40th District, took to Twitter earlier this week to highlight violent conditions in an area he compared to the "Wild Wild West": Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, whe...

ロサンゼルスは殺人事件の減少を見ている, の最初の3週間の銃による暴力 2022, チーフは言う

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ロサンゼルス警察本部長ミシェル・ムーアは言った 26 これまでに人が殺されました, に比べ 33 昨年の同じ時点で, フォックスロサンゼルスが報告した. LAPDは、「生命のない」トドルを復活させる役員のドラマチックなボディカメラをリリースします。.


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火曜日にアフガニスタン東部の都市ジャララバードで3人の女性メディア労働者が射殺された, 政府当局者は言った, 都市部の専門職労働者の間で恐怖を広めている殺害の波の中で. しなければならない。.

Hayden Panettiere’s ex Brian Hickerson sentenced to 45 days in jail in domestic violence case

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火曜日に, Hickerson, 31, pleaded no contest to two felony counts of injuring a spouse or girlfriend while the remaining six counts against him, which include battery, assault with a deadly weapon and intimidating a...

Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna granted bond in domestic violence case

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Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna posted a $ 20,000 bond on Monday after being arrested on charges of domestic violence against his wife. オズナ, 30, appeared virtually for a bond hearing before a Fulton Count...

ニューヨーク州政府. アンドリュー・クオモは彼の州で銃暴力の緊急事態を宣言します

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ニューヨーク州政府. アンドリュー・クオモは火曜日、銃暴力の緊急事態を宣言する大統領命令に署名したことを発表し、ニューヨーク市の聴衆に、民事訴訟を許可する法律に署名する予定であると語った。 ...

シカゴ市長ライトフットの $16 十億の予算案には、銃による暴力の急増の中で警察へのより多くの支出が含まれています

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市長の $ 16 十億の支出パッケージは警察の支出を $ 1.9 十億, から $ 1.7 十億 2021, シカゴトリビューンが報告した. この提案は、9人の殺人事件が発生した血なまぐさい週末の後に出された。.

Chicago rooftop revelations: Broken education system is perpetuating Chicago violence, pastor says

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This problem is one key reason why the pastor climbed onto the top of a roof on Nov. 20, 2021, and will not come down for 100 日々. Years earlier, he started a charter school within his church to help reverse the ill...

Northern Ireland sees three nights of violence as tensions mount

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Violent clashes in Northern Ireland erupted over the weekend amid increasing tensions in a region historically plagued with sectarian violence. Sunday marked a third night of disorder in the cities of Belfast and D...

Man United violence the peak of toxic fan-owner relationship

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While choosing not to engage with the supporters who are the lifeblood of any club, the Glazer family can't have avoided seeing the levels of rage against them on Sunday. Not when it led to the unprecedented postpone...


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ボストン市長のキム・ジェイニーは月曜日、デニス・ホワイトをボストン市警のコミッショナーとして解任したと発表した。, すぐに効果的. 解雇は、ホワイトの元妻が彼を家庭内暴力で非難したことに起因する...

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